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This page contains information about people I'm trying to locate. Some of them were mentioned in my books while others are people my correspondents are trying to find.

My first two books have already reunited several Veterans. I hope this page will help do the same for more people.

In addition I'd like you to check out The Seeker in Florida. They also help finding lost friends and family members. 


In addition--if you can not help any of these folks looking for their buddies or if you are searching for someone you want to find--you can also try USA People Search HOWEVER they charge for their services!

Please contact me if you can identify any of these people, so I can mark them off this list as being located, and/or the other POC if you know any of the following people listed:

Wendy Smith is still trying to locate anyone especially SPC Rodriguez who was her sister's boyfriend at the time who served with her sister USA PFC Cindy Deanna Jane Bridges who died during Desert Storm in March 1991. Cindy was killed and a second soldier injured when their 5-ton truck had an accident on Main Supply Route MERCEDES between Camp TYBEE and GUARDIAN CITY (25 kilometers south of Main Supply Route DODGE) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Cindy was in a convoy heading out of Iraq into Saudi Arabia. Wendy would like to hear from some of Cindy's colleagues to see what they recall of the accident.  If anyone from the 84th Transportation Company, 260th Quartermaster Battalion, 171st Support Group, 1st Support Command [Corps] sees this please contact me or Wendy directly.

Did you or someone you know serve at Korat RTAFB and Camp Friendship Thailand 1962-1963?  If so William Collins wants to reconnect with you. He would like to find friends from the 57th Ordinance Co. he also traveled from Ft Shafter to Guam to Clark AFN and onto Saigon on a 707 then onto Korat on a C-130.  If you were on any of these routes or stationed with him please contact me or William directly.

Does anyone remember Stephen A Tate? He served with the Army in Vietnam but died elsewhere at age 24. He died before his daughter was born and she would like to learn more about him.  If you know him please contact me or Kimberly directly.

Russell served in the Army and was stationed in Butzbach, Germany in 1969. He relocated between Oct 69 and Jan 70. He visited Gertie often at what was called the "City Bar" in Marburg. If you remember Russell please contact me or Diane directly.

Manuela is now 52 and is trying to find her birth father, James Waddell. He was stationed somewhere 1959-1962. Her mother is 74 now but has no real info about him other than he was from Texas and paid support money. If you know him please contact me or Manuela directly.

Linda Marzloff is trying to find information regarding Bernerd Klinger for his widow's VA claim. Bernerd served with the 12th CAV, 2nd Bat, APO 24 in 1963-1964, as stated on his military records. He was in the Special Forces and went to Vietnam on secret missions during that time. He was also in Korea prior to 1968. They are trying to determine if he was anywhere that Agent Orange was used. His widow doesn't know any of his battle buddies. Please contact Linda directly!

"I was stationed in Baumholder Germany from 1993 to 95. I am looking for SFC Pollack since I left there and he was in Masadonia with Operation Able Sentry. My email is savoie.brandon@yahoo.com so I hope you can help locate him." Please contact this man directly at his email address--not me.

Richard wants to find someone very special to him. He was injured in Vietnam in 1969 and there was a nurse with the 71st Evac in Pleiku named Theresa who he says saved his life. He spoke to her many times but he could not see her. She was very kind to him and she taped his religious necklace to his wrist and taped another of her own on his chest. He says that she was very important to him and would make him complete if he could find her. If you are Theresa or know her please contact me or directly to Richard's friend who is helping him try to locate her.

Stan is looking for friends he served with 1962-1965 in the 42nd Artillery Det, Nike Section in Alhorn, Germany. He would like to find Norman Cherry, Mike Polanski, Clifford Jay, Billy Matherly, Benjamin Barnes, Billy W Cook, Pedro Condarco, Stanley Weger, Sam Smith, George Marsh and Elmer G Nelams. If you know where any of these men are please contact me or Stan directly.

Demetria is looking for her bridesmaid--Mary Lawson. Mary was born in 1960 in Alabama and was in the USMC Reserve May 1979 till at least May 1983. Dee hasn't heard from Mary since 1985 and would like to make contact with her once again. If you know Mary please contact me so I can pass the info along to Dee.

The 1975th AACS Squadron, Sidi Slimane Air Base, Morroco, in 1960 did a very special fundraiser [to help a group of orphans in the states] in August/early September of 1960. Meredith is trying to locate any of the guys who took part in this event as her paper is writing a story about it. Some of the men's names and locations at that time are: TSgt James H. Jackson, Brooklyn, NY; A2c Armand Levesque, Bronx, NY; SSgt Louis Crozier, Font Gains, GA; SSgt James Griffing, Ocilla, GA; SSgt George Lee, Beloit, WI; A1c David Spangler, Narrows, VA; A2c Gene [Eugene] Troke, Los Angeles, CA; A1c M.C. Cayson, Tupelo, MS; Capt Robert C. Simmons, Wichita, TX; A1c Rico King, Vallejo, CA; A3c John Hensley, Chattanooga, TN; TSgt Richard Blevins, Selma, GA; TSgt Charles Ilianakalea, Honolulu, HI; SSgt Robert Dittmar, Flint MI; SSgt Douglas Swaim, Winston-Salem, NC; A3c Elmer McGinnis, Kansas City, MO; A2c Paul Weber, Nauvoo, IL; MSgt John J. Renes, Denver, CO; Capt Richard C. McFadden, Cincinnati, OH; CWO George B. Jackson, Jr., Orlando, FL; and at least five others.  If you know anyone who served with this group please contact  me or Meredith directly.

Michael is looking for Pat Carney whose father 1LT John W Carney served with Mike's dad SFC James L Boyd at A-413 in Bihn Tinh Tan. Pat use to have a website online but I can no longer find it. If you know Pat please contact  me or Michael directly. Located Pat but now can't reach Michael.

Jim Pollock is looking for any other artists who participated in the US Army Combat Art Program from 1966 to 1970. If you can help please contact me or Jim directly.

Deb Carter would like to reconnect with Nancy Walsh.  They served together in the Army during 1971- 1975 and were stationed at Ft Dix, NJ.  Nancy was from Pennsylvania, lived in New York while married to Joseph Pacheco and had a son named Joe. Nancy moved to New Hampshire but since 9/11/01 when her partner died onboard one of the planes it is unknown where she is. If you know Nancy please contact  me or Deb directly.

CG Malmstrom is looking for family or friends of TSGT Shelly Kelly who died in a plane crash along with Secretary Ron Brown on 3 April 1996 in Croatia. They were friends and would like to contact the family. Shelly was married to Dennis Kelly and had children at the time of her death. If you can help connect these old friends please contact  me or CG directly.

Timothy Haynes served on the USS Bagley around 1982. He was married to Debbie and had a daughter Larissa who is looking for her dad. He was originally from North Carolina. If you remember Timothy please contact me or Larissa directly.

Leigh's father, SSG Thomas B Cooper, served in the Army in Germany and Vietnam. He met a woman while in Germany and they had a son sometime in the early 60s but she married someone else and they asked Thomas to walk away which he did. Thomas was a Green Beret when wounded in Vietnam in May 1966. Leigh is looking for anyone who might have known him as well as the young boy who would be her brother. If you remember Thomas or know the woman in Germany or his son please contact me or Leigh directly.

Melvin is looking for members of the 577th Engineers that served in Vietnam 1970-1971. If you were there please contact me or Melvin directly.

Frank would like to find Martina Hume. She was from Offenbach, Germany when they met decades ago. He was stationed in Frankfurt at the time. She had been in the states working in the Chicago area in 1962 but he has lost touch with her. If you know Martina please contact me or Frank directly.

Pat Gregory is looking for men and women who served in the North Carolina Army National Guard's 211th Military Police Company 1990-1994. She is trying to find out where they were in Iraq and what type of illnesses they might have now. If you were in the 211th please contact me or Pat directly.

Franklin Gibson wants to find Richard English and Robert Ainsworth. They all served in the Air Force. Richard was at Sampson in 1954 in Flight 4307, also at Amarillo and Vitteberg. Robert was at Amarillo in Squadron 3344. If you know Richard or Robert please contact me or Franklin directly.

Kayleigh is trying to help her mother locate Thomas Leonard. He was in Baumholder, Germany in the 1960s. Originally from New Jersey his mother's name was Kimberly. By now Thomas might be in his late 60s. If you remember him or know where he is please contact me or Kayleigh directly.

Paul is trying to contact Vets that may have known his dad Daniel McCarty (DECEASED) who was with 10th Platoon, 101st Airborne Camp Eagle. Dan passed away just after Christmas at 60 years old. He suffered from auto immune disorder that we think was related to Agent Orange. The VA will not acknowledge this, but when he had ulcerative colitis his Dr. put others in contact with him for support. Eleven men contacted him and all had been exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam. He is trying to put together info on exposure and auto immune to try to help others. If you knew Daniel please contact me or Paul directly.

Pat is trying to help two half-sisters who were born in Germany. They don’t want anything from their birth father or his family but would like to learn about their heritage. Curtis Hoff or Dehoff was an American Army soldier stationed in Butzbach, Germany during 1955-1956. It is believed that Curtis may have been from Indiana and was born between 1933 and 1937. One of the girls still lives in Germany while the other was adopted and lives in the Atlanta, GA area. Pat is also seeking any kind of help from someone familiar with this kind of search. If you know Curtis or what became of him please contact me or Pat directly.

Stan Miller is trying to help a German family currently living in Butzback find someone. This man was a Caucasian American Army Doctor, with the rank of Captain, nicknamed “Bud”, assigned to the 45th Armored Medical Battalion, Schloss Kaserne, Butzbach, 1958-1960 and worked in the Dispensary. One of Bud’s best friends was CPT Gerald G Bender who was assigned to the 3rd Tank Battalion—but so far Stan hasn’t been able to locate him either. If you know either Bud or CPT Bender please contact me or Stan directly.

Frank Williams served with the 2nd Field Hospital Munich, 26th Station Hospital Regansburg, Landshut Medical Clinic on Pinder Kaserne in Landshut from 1960 to 1963. Frank is looking for Lawrence Williams, from Florida who was with the 7th Armored Cav, as well as other folks he served with. If you remember Frank or Lawrence please contact me or Frank directly.

Six people served in the same area but at different times. They would like to find their friends:

Frank Geer would like to find his friends. He was in Heidelberg 1985-1988 with the Army's 503rd Transportation Company. If you remember Frank please contact me or Frank directly.


Supply SGT Jim Briney was at the 147th AG Detachment (Postal) at Patton Barracks, March 73 to September 74. If you remember Jim contact me or SGT Briney directly.


SP4 Bryan S. Daniels served at Fort Jackson; Fort Benning; Fort Benjamin Harrison; Patton Barracks with the 147th Postal Detachment (February 1982 to June 1983) and Tompkin Barracks with the 541st Combat Engineers and the 503rd Transportation Company. After returning from Europe he was with the Ohio National Guard with HHT 2/107th Armored Cavalry. He worked as a driver at NATO Headquarters, Campbell Barracks, Rein Main, Offenbach, and Patton Barracks escorting sealed mail truck’s packages and bags from 1st Perscom. Bryan was in-country when the PLO bombed barracks in Frankfurt and was the dedicated escort for six months after the bombing which was partial cause of his PTSD hoping it wouldn’t happen again. He would like to have anyone who was also present during that time in West Germany to contact him to help with his service connected claim for his back injury from unloading Sealand’s containers and asbestos problems from working in that dust environment on a daily basis. He is especially looking for SP4 Hoy, SP4 Polk, 1SG Begley, CPT Price, from the 147th Postal Detachment Patton Barracks 1982-1983 as well as CPT Hirome Fujio, Commander (ITG Ft Benning 1980-1981). If you served with SP4 Daniels please contact me or SP4 Daniels directly.


Ray Bartness was a SP5 with the 503rd Transportation Company from September 1973 to December 1976He drove a 2 1/2 ton with the name Heidi on the mud flaps. He is looking for Danny Bender, Keith Knuckle, Doug Lewis, Angie Auschenbach, Karen King, Bob and Jan Harris and others. If you served with him please contact me or Ray directly.


Diane (Justice) Haider would like to find some of her friends at Patton Barracks. She was with the 503rd Transportation Company 1975-1976. If you served with her please contact me or Diane directly.


Esther "Terri" Bolze McLeod Gibbs served in the Army from September 1957 to August 1960 as a cryptographer. She'd like to get in touch with some of the folks she served with while in Heidelberg--including Lori Harp and members of the 503rd Transportation Company. If you know any of these people contact Esther directly or me here.


Rod McGrath is searching for anyone he served with. He was in the 503rd Transportation Company 1982-1985. It was a part of the 26th Support Group at Patton Barracks supporting the 7th Army and USAR in Heidelberg, Germany. If you served then in the 503rd please contact me or Rod directly.

William Singleton retired from the Army. He would like to find SFC James Mack who was the 49er NCO Club Manager on Daenner Kasern in the early 80s. BUT William is also looking for MSG James Carter who was in Kaiserslautern at Panzer Kasern around 1981-1985. MSG Carter was married and had a stepdaughter who had two sons. William has also asked me to help him find Kathleen Memon who was stationed at Ramstein Airbase in the 80s. If you know where any of these people are please contact me or William directly.

William's aunt, Angela "Ella" Schwartz, is also looking for someone. Lawrence Williams was stationed in Landshut, Germany around 1961-1963. He was stationed at Pinder Kasern near Munich. Lawrence might be in Florida. If you know where he might be please contact me or William directly.

Joe Dunagan is trying to help someone looking for individuals who served in a special unit in Korea during the cold war years of 1962-64 or later. They wore no insignia, carried no dog tags nor were they allowed to carry ID cards. This man would like to reunite with some of his ghost walker friends. This was some form of a CIA-Army Intel unit. The men were told nothing when they signed up for their 2-year tour of duty, not even where they were going until they got to Hawaii and they were allowed to look in their manila envelopes they got when they boarded planes at McCord Air Force Base. For 6 weeks they were in all sorts of training including Cold Weather School and then about 12 hours after they came home from the school in Alaska they were rousted out of bed, put on planes for Hawaii and eventually Korea. They went up into North Korea on several occasions to do spy missions for our government. If you know any of these men or are one of them please contact me or Joe directly.

Tanya Briggs is looking for Virgil Watson who served during WW II with her grandfather Joe Weaver. They were together in Okinawa in 1945 and also in China. If you can help locate Virgil please contact  me or Tanya directly.

Meanwhile another Virgil H. Watson is searching for the other 3 seamen involved in their SAR boat or crew members from the USCG Bouy Tender Iris that were involved in the rescue and removal of the SAR boat to dry dock in 1969. He was one of the 4 on the SAR boat that day.  Usually only 3 go out--that day there were 4 because they needed an E.T. to keep the radio working. They went out to rescue a shrimp boat and in the process, their SAR boat ran up on the submerged concrete ship in Galveston Bay. He cannot remember names but is looking for these guys. Also if anyone can get an approximate date of the incident, he might be able to furnish more information because he is pretty sure it was in the Galveston Daily News and possibly the Houston Chronicle, Houston Post and/or Houston Press.  If you know any of these guys or about the incident please contact me or Virgil directly.

Two folks are searching for people who served with the 108th General Hospital. If you can help them please respond:


Sally Amy's father was Dr Hugh O'Hare who served at the 108th General Hospital. Sally would like to find anyone who knew her father during his time with the 108th. If you can help please contact  me or Sally directly.


Charles W. Otto served with the 69th Division during WW II. He was seriously wounded on 18 April 1945 near Leipzig, Germany. He is searching for any medics, nurses, or doctors who might have been at the 45th Field Hospital, 2nd EVAC Hospital, 108th General Hospital, 1st General Hospital, Battey General Hospital, or Oliver General Hospital. Those folks helped save his life and he wants to personally thank them. If you know any one from those installations please contact me.

Denise is searching for her birth father, Derek Walters. He served in the Army and was stationed in Baumholder, Germany possibly at Strassburg Kaserne sometime between 1954 and 1958. One of his friends last name was Moffet(t). Locating either Chaplain Naylor (Nailor) who was in Baumholder or Chaplain Suggs who was in Kaiserlauten would help in her quest--both of these men were involved with her birth parents as well as her adoptive parents. If you can help locate any of these men please contact me or Denise directly.

Anne is trying to help her friend find his birth parents for medical reasons. According to his birth certificate he was born in September 1969 and adopted by an Australian couple. His adopted parents never told him much about his birth parents. He knows his mother was possibly named Elizabeth or Elspeth and may have been a nurse or some other form of US civilian. His father was probably a Ranger who was on R&R or recovering in Australia in December 1968 and a Native American Apache. If you know anyone who matches these descriptions please contact me or Anne directly.

Glenda Carter would like to find any Marines who served with or knew her late husband, PFC Bruce Landon Carter. Bruce and six other Marines were killed in an ambush on 11 September 1968 near what was known as Liberty Bridge at PhuLoc 6 in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. They were members of Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division. Glenda has already found a few of the Marines who knew Bruce but would like to find more. If you served in this unit or knew Bruce please contact me or Glenda directly. (LOCATED one)

Norman Carrio, Sr. was a Medic in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, 1967-68. He happened to meet CPT Judy Dexter who was stationed at the 71st EVAC Hospital in Plieku. He would like to find her again. If you know where Judy is please contact me or Norman directly.

Ros is trying to locate Roger J. Boucher who would be in his late 70's now. Roger is Ros's husband's father. Roger was stationed at R.A.F. SEALAND in the United Kingdom in the late 1950s followed by time at Burtonwood. Ros believes Roger was from Ohio. If you know where Roger is please contact me or Ros directly.

A family in the Netherlands is taking care of a grave site at the American War Cemetery in Margraten. The grave is that of PVT Samuel C Millar from Michigan who died on 26 April 1945. They would like to learn more about this man whose grave they have adopted. If you know who he was, what caused his death or any of his family members please contact me or The Schwanen Family directly.

Dan Szekely is looking for Barbara Luger who was a nurse at Frankfurt's 97th General Hospital in the 1980s. If you know her please contact me or Dan directly.

Charlie McGrath would like to find some friends he served with in the Army when he was stationed in Baumholder, Germany. He was in the 1st Army Division, 3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery from 1972-1975. If you were there please contact me or Charlie directly.

Three guys who served with the 10th Chemical Platoon are looking for some old friends:

Robert Bellamy replaced SGT Wright as head of the maintenance shack of the 10th Chemical Platoon in the summer of 1970. He was there until August 1971. He'd like to find some of his buddies so please contact me or Robert directly.


Angela's father Johnny S. Fairchild served with the 10th Chem Plt, 101st Airborne Division at Camp Eagle from 1968 until Nov 1969.  Johnny is from Hibbing, Minnesota and would enjoy making contact with some old friends. If you remember Johnny--please contact me or Angela directly.


Allen Hall is also looking for someone who served with the 10th Chem Plt. His date was 1968-1969. He is searching for (then) CPT Hugh Kelly. He and some of his battle buddies are searching for others from the 10th so they can put together a reunion. If you know Hugh--please contact me or Allen directly.


Tom Agbay would like to find some of the guys he served with. If you were with the 101st Airborne Div, 10th Chem Plt, Camp Eagle from December 1969 through mid-1970 please contact me or Tom directly.

Two people served with the 368th Transportation Company at Fort Story, VA and would like to find their friends:

 SPC Ordermos Ford is searching for SGT Litsha Payne along with anyone else he served with while at Fort Story between 1990 and 1995. If you know any of these people please contact me or Ordermos directly.


SGT Pamela Waterston is trying to locate members of the unit that she served with during the Gulf War 1990-1991 please contact me or write directly to Pam. She would also like to hear from anyone who was in Al Jubayl, Saudi Arabia the night the scud blew up overhead and fell into the water just off the docks.

Colette Washington would like to locate Germaine Donzell Thompson was enlisted in the US Army, stationed at Fort Hood, TX during 1991-1993 and may have participated in Desert Storm.  Germaine got out of the military in May of 93.  If you know where Germaine can be found please contact me or Collette directly.

Cam Ranh Bay 1967-1968 was where Linda Scarano was stationed. Anna Marie Pantel is looking for Linda. If you know either of these women please contact me or Anna Marie directly.

Jimmy Roger Lee Rose is looking for members of 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry who served with him in TayNinh, Vietnam during 1969. When Jimmy was in the 249th General Hospital in Toyko in Nov-Dec 1969 he met Dave who was from Chattanooga, TN. Jimmy would like to find Dave also. If you know any of these people please contact me or his daughter Deeanna directly.

Ellisha Tobias hopes to find her friend Calvin Monroe Buchanan. They met while both were at Fort Lee, VA. She thinks he was last in Europe about 3 years ago. If you know him please contact me or Ellisha directly.

1SG John Hunt is searching for (then) CPT Donald A Carter whose last known location was Tallahassee, FL. His wife's name is Patsy. In the 1970s Donald was in the Infantry but switched to Comptroller Branch and became a major. He is a graduate of the Command General Staff College and at one time was with 2/504 Inf, 82nd Abn. If you can help John find his friend please contact me or contact John directly.

Joseph Pignetti is searching for Kay or Koichi Hara. Koichi helped Joseph's wife-to-be get a visa to come to the state to marry him. Joseph has been searching for Koichi for more than 40 years since they were last in touch. Koichi was in the Army along with Joseph who served in Japan approximately 1955-1963. Joseph was assigned to the Tokyo Army Hospital as well as the Zama Army Hospital in Sagami Ono, Japan. If you know where Koichi can be found please let Joseph know or contact me.

James Kennedy is looking for anyone who was with the 738th Engineer Co, especially those who were in Korat in 1963. Please contact me or write directly to James.

Shelagh is trying to help her mother locate Gardner MacDonald. Gardner was from New Jersey when he became an officer in the military. He served in the Far East during WW II. Gardner had a sister and a daughter. If you have any information about Gardner or his family please contact me or write directly to Shelagh who lives in England now.

Bobbe Stuvengen is looking for Agnes "Mitch" Mitchell. Agnes was from Lansdowne, PA. She attended Flight Orderly School in Patuxent River, MD in the Fall of 1945. Then she was assigned to NATS, Moffett Field, CA and flew with Squadron 8. Agnes was a Specialist (V) 1C and discharged in June 1947. If you know where Agnes is now please contact me or write directly to Bobbe.

Tiff is searching for her birth father. She believes he was an Air Force cook and he may have been from the southern part of the USA. He may have been stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base or lived in the vicinity of Spokane, WA. This would have been during the later part of 1966. At that time he would have been about 25 years old. He wore glasses and had blue eyes leading Tiff to believe he was probably biracial like herself. Her birth mother's name was Louise. His name was not listed on her birth certificate but Tiff's birth name was Wendy. If you happen to know anyone matching this description please contact me or write directly to Tiff.

Larry "Andy" Anderson is looking for his pals. They served together in the 2060th Radio Relay Squadron in Phorzhein, Germany 1960-1963. If you remember him please contact  Andy or me.

Army Veteran Bill “Doc” Hoffman is searching for a woman who served in Vietnam. Nurse Dianne Hamilton served two tours in the LongBinh area. She might have been in the 93rd or 24th EVAC Hospitals. She was definitely there during 1968 because a photo of her by John Olson was found with that date on it. AND an article about it appeared in LIFE magazine in 1979. Dianne also worked at Children's Hospital in Denver but has not been there in at least 10 years. Bill did find out that she retired and may have moved to Arizona but she left no forwarding address. If you know Dianne's whereabouts please let me know by clicking here and I'll pass the info onto Bill.

William "Billy" Moore served in the US Air Force. In 1967 this African-American was stationed at Mildenhall AFB in England. He had just transferred there from France. Billy, thought to be from the southern states, was a cook with the rank of sergeant. At that time he may have been in his 30s and probably on his second tour of duty. If you know of him or his whereabouts please contact me or Ray Smith directly.

Dr. Carl Bartecchi is looking for four nurses who were sent from the 8th Field Hospital in NhaTrang to set up the dispensary at SocTrang in 1964-1965. He is especially searching for (then) CPT Robbie Cooper (LOCATED). He would like to contact all of them to learn more about the early days of the dispensary for a book he is working on. If you know any of these nurses please contact me or Carl directly.

Where is Mary? This nurse took care of a Vet when he was wounded along with four others about 10:15 a.m. on 8 November 1967. The man was taken to the 3rd Surgical Hospital at TanAn or DongTam. This is where he met Mary. She told him that she had worked at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. He was also from Minnesota. After meeting Mary and spending 4 days at TanAn or DongTam, he was transferred to the 3rd Field Hospital in Saigon. There was a CPT Robert A. Bray who might possibly know Mary’s last name. Also CPT Richard Brunswick or CPT Dr. Hayes might know who she was. Doug and Debbie are trying to locate Mary to reunite the wounded soldier she took care of so long ago with her at a Memorial Day service in May. If you know Mary or any of these other officers please contact me, Doug & Debbie directly, or call Gary Gullickson with any information at (507) 289-3546.

Judy Blackman--where are you? Judy was a Physical Therapist at the 106th EVAC Hospital during the Summer of 1967. She took special care in treating Gary Jacobson while he was in the Neuro Ward of the hospital. Gary had been critically wounded in the Central Highlands near PanThiet while on point with B Co, 2/7, 1st Air Cav. If you know Judy please contact me so I can let Gary know how to reach her. 

Claude Richard Paez lives in southern France. He is searching for his birth fatherRichard Gray. His mother, Lucienne Martin, was 17 when she first met Richard in Oran, Algeria in 1943. He was probably in the US Army. Richard was almost 6 feet tall with light brown hair and blue eyes. His base was southeast of Oran between Choupot and Cuvelier near Cite Petit. He was an MP. Friends called him Dick and one of his friends was named Mike. Richard was between 20 and 23 at the time but he left Algeria between November and December 1943. He wrote many letters to Lucienne—they had planned to marry—but her mother intercepted the letters. If you can help Claude locate his father or any living relatives please contact me or Claude directly.

Tina is looking for her birth father, a Marine who managed an NCO Club in Da Phuuoc-Hoahanh-Hoa Vang, Quang Nam, DaNang, Vietnam in 1972. His last name was Thomas. He liked to play chess and cards, had dark straight hair, a southern accent, and liked seafood and fruit. He was 5 foot 8 inches tall and weighed 185 pounds. He was married at the time and had two children stateside. Tina’s birth mother, Da Thi Le, worked in the NCO club—as did her twin sister. Can you help Tina find this man? If so contact me or her friend Pat

Nancy (Quirk) Lilja said an odd thing happened in Vietnam. She was working in the ER at the 3rd Surgical in 1970 and Captain John Locke walked in. Nancy was the head nurse at the time and he came in to ask how his men were. John was from Erie, Pennsylvania and his mom's name was Bertha Locke. Nancy is actually his aunt but hasn't seen him since that day in Vietnam. So if you know John write directly to Nancy or contact me.

Where is Arlene Hannah? She was a semi-pro ball player from Chicago before she joined the Army in the early 1950s. Arlene went to Fort McClellan for Basic Training and then to Fort Monmouth, NJ for the rest of her tour. She then moved to the Albany, NY area. After a few years her friend Pat Doddato lost track of her. Can you help us locate Arlene? If so contact Pat or send an email to me by clicking here.  

Helen needs to find some soldiers that were in the 4th Infantry Division, 1/11 C Company at Fort Carson from 1979-1980. She needs to find the Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, and the Company Commander who she believes was Dan Vaughn. Helen needs assistance from any of these soldiers to verify some events that happened while her husband, James David Ewing, was in their company. James needs to get service connected disability and these soldiers are her only hope. Can you please help me find them for Helen and Jim? Thank you. Just send me an email and I'll pass it along to Helen. Send mail by clicking here or write to Helen.

Jayne has been trying to locate a Marine. He was a lieutenant (she believes) at Quantico in 1969. His name is James Joseph Duffy. He went to Boston College before Quantico and played football. He was 25 in 1969. She is a family member trying to locate him. Contact me if you served with him or know where he might be. Send mail by clicking here or contact Jayne.

Brock has been trying to locate a lot of friends from 20 years of military service. He spent 4 years in the Navy on the USS Ticonderoga and USS Bon Homme Richard in 1963-1967. From 1968-1970 he was with the Army's Americal's 335th Trans (Huey's) in ChuLai. He was at Ft Knox 1970-1971. During 1972-1973 he flew Hueys a lot for General Emerson at Ft Bragg with Special Forces. From 1974-1977 he was with Army Recruiting in Ohio. Brock went to Germany with the 56th Avn at Coleman Barracks 1977-1978. Stationed at Ft Eustis 1978-1983. Finally stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii with the 25th MI Bn 1983-1986. Contact me if you served with him. Send mail by clicking here.

Dick Floyd is looking for John Carr. John was a guitarist who traveled with Maggie occasionally playing for her and Dick would pilot their aircraft. If you know where John is please let me know so I can tell Dick. Send mail by clicking here.

Jerry Turner and his older brother are searching for members of the Sixth Army, 163rd Infantry, either Company C or H. This group was in the Philippines during WW II and landed on Luzon. Their other brother, Alfred Franklin Turner, served with this group. Does anyone remember him? Please contact me if you know anyone who served in this unit or remember Alfred. Send mail to Jerry or by clicking here.

Phyllis’ grandfather, Arthur Paul Lathum, recently passed away. Arthur served in the Army November 1944-August 1945 in Italy where he was wounded. After receiving the Purple Heart he was returned to the states. Phyllis and her sister have been doing genealogy research for the past 10 years. They found Arthur’s two sisters who he hadn’t seen in over 70 years. BUT Phyllis is still searching for Arthur’s long lost brother--William H. Lathum. In the 1950’s William was a private in the Army. His last known mailing address was Co. C, Hover Company, Bx 55, Camp Upton, NY. If anyone knows of William’s whereabouts please contact me here.

Barbara and Bill Harding are searching for James and Nancy Dickson. Bill and James served together in the Navy between 1968 and 1971. They were on board the USS Kersage attached to VAW-III. James was an E1B pilot who was originally from Baltimore. The last Bill heard from James, he was living in Overland Park, MO. Can anyone help Bill and Barbara locate James, Karen, and their two daughters? Send mail by clicking here or write directly to Barbara and Bill.

Timothy Murdock is searching for Veterans who served with his father. Robert Dale Murdock (called "Red") was a SAC Instructor on B-52's and served during Korea and Vietnam. He was stationed in Thailand, Grissom AFB, and Wright-Patterson AFB. Tim is helping his mother search for these friends of her late husband. If you knew "Red" please contact me here or Tim.

Here are two fellows I would like to help them find each other. If you know them kindly contact me and I will match everyone up. Send mail by clicking here:

Rennie Grant’s photo appeared on page 112 in Memories of Maggie but not his story. He had the pleasure of meeting Maggie and her group in November 1966 when she visited his advisory team and spent two nights with them. That was in the II Corps area of South Vietnam while he served with the Army. Rennie now lives in Dallas but he is still trying to locate his buddy SPC VanHook.

The following are some of the individuals I have lost contact with and others are people that other Veterans are looking for. If known, I have listed their branch of service, last known ranks and locations. If you know any of these people please contact me here:

COL Ruth Anderson, USAF, Tucson, AZ

CPT Charles Bastin, Burbank, CA

CWO4 Charles Boyle, USCG (Ret), Fenton, MO

SFC Ernest Bradley, Colorado Springs, CO

MAJ Dale Brown, USA, Berkeley, CA

J V Brown, Staten Island, NY

William Brown, Stuart, FL

Bill Castro, Chula Vista, CA

Jim Cutler, San Diego, CA

Marge Davis, Cisco, TX

Harry Edwards, New York City, NY

LCDR Ron Elrod, USN (Ret), Decatur, IN

SGT David Fawcett, USA (Ret), Minneapolis, MN

CPT William Fitch, USA (Ret), Pensacola, FL

Joseph Foster, USAF, Seal Beach, CA

COL Carl Gaddis (Ret), Ninety-Six, SC

Loretta Gibson, Arlington, VA

David Jackson III, Phoenix, AZ

CPT Robert Knowles, USA (Ret), Lilburn, GA

Don P Livingston, Memphis, TN

Ken Lovell, Jacksonville, AR

JOC George Marshall, USN (Ret), FPO AP

George Martin, Riva, MD

TSGT Richard Martin, OHANG, Columbus, OH

Jack McHale, Latham, NY

Jose Natal, Wallkill, NY

Jack Naughton, Chicago, IL

Thomas O’Connor, USA (Ret), Staten Island, NY

Norman Pearson, Washington, DC

SFC Elmer Rogers, USA (Ret), Augusta, GA

LTC Bill Shelton, AUS (Ret), Las Vegas, NV

LT (jg) George Simon, USNR, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

LTC Robert Thomas, (Ret), Pearl City, HI

MGYSGT J R Todd, USMC (Ret), Tucson, AZ

LT Michael Turner, USN (Ret), Virginia Beach, VA

SMSGT Jerry Watkins, USAF, APO NY

MAJ Arthur Williams, USA (Ret), APO AE

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