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Jerry Hayes sings "Thanks To Them" on his CD honoring Veterans so I chose to share it with you here.

bullet Killed during the Korean War (25 Jun 1950 - 27 Jul 1953):

1950: 13 US Military women, 0 US Civilian women

1952: 2 US Military women, 0 US Civilian women

Total a/o 23 Jan 16: 15 US Military women, 0 US Civilian women

15 US women killed during Korean War

The following women died while serving our country during the Korean War. I'm still looking for more information about them:

After many years of thinking that USN AB3 Kay Sherill Platt, Dexter, NM, non-hostile death was a woman--I recently found out that this was a man. SORRY! If you want to check on any casualties of the Korean War I suggest you visit the Korean War Project Remembrance to verify names, dates, locations, etc.

Likewise for a very long time USN SN Doris Frances Brown, Milwaukee, WI, was thought to be a female but I found information that states this was a male  (HM) hospital-man died on 13 May 51 of a non-hostile death.

22 Dec 52:

USAF AN Virginia May McClure, Springfield, SD, non-hostile air crash in Korea









USAF AN Margaret Fae Perry,
Morgantown, WV, non-hostile air crash in Korea







26 Sep 50:

USAF Air Force Nurse Corps (AFNC) CPT Vera M. Brown, died at Ashiya Air Base, Japan when the plane she was assigned to crashed during a medical evacuation flight.

19 Sep 50:

These women were identified in Doris Sterner's book In and Out of Harm's Way as well as in Marty O'Brien's Casualty Book Chapter III online. They were in a military transport plane enroute to the US Naval Hospital in Yokosuka, Japan. As the plane was departing Kwajalein Island it crashed into the Pacific Ocean. I appreciate receiving this particular information from COL Pat Jernigan.

USN Navy Nurse Corps (NNC) Ensign (ENS) Eleanor Beste

USN NNC ENS Marie Boatman










USN NNC Lieutenant (LT) (junior grade) (jg) Jeanne E. Clarke









USN NNC LT (jg) Jane L. Eldridge







USN NNC ENS Constance R. Esposito








USN NNC LT (jg) Alice S. Giroux








USN NNC LT (jg) Calla C. Goodwin








USN NNC LT (jg) Constance A. Heege








USN NNC LT (jg) Margaret Grace Kennedy











USN NNC Ensign Mary E. Liljegreen











USN NNC Ensign Edna J. Rundell












25 Aug 50:

USN NNC LT Wilma Ledbetter, drowned when the USS Benevolence sank after colliding with the SS Mary Luckenback near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA.






5 Jul 50:

USA Army Nurse Corps (ANC) MAJ Genevieve Smith, C-47 plane crash on way to her new assignment as Chief Nurse of the 8th US Army in the Korean Theater.








bulletKilled during World War II (1 Sep 1939 - 2 Sep 1945):

1943: 12 US Military women, 1 US Civilian women

1944: 41 US Military women, 2 US Civilian women

1945: 51 US Military women, 2 US Civilian women

Total a/o 22 Jun 11: 104 US Military women, 5 US Civilian women

109 US women killed during WWII

The following women died while serving our country during World War II and I'm still searching for more info about each woman:

Reports say that more than 400 American military women lost their lives during World War II however I have only found a few names and dates for them so far:

24 Jul 45:

USA ANC 2LT Nancy J Leo, 23, from Cumberland, MD was assigned to the 216th General Hospital. She was enroute to visit her sister, who was also in the Army, when she was killed in a jeep accident in Paris. Nancy was buried in the Luxembourg American Cemetery, where GEN Patton is buried, and is the only female buried there.


30 May 45:

A C-47 transport plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off Derwin Point on the coast of West Africa. WACs who had been stationed at the Army Airfield in Accra, British West Africa were onboard and enroute to their new assignments in Europe or stateside. No wreckage was ever found of the plane nor their remains. Pat Jernigan has provided the following names:

USA PFC Rose Brohinsky from NY

USA SGT Doris Cooper from IL

USA PFC Flossie Flannery from Muncie, IN

USA PFC Frieda Friend from NY

USA PFC Mary Gollinger from CA

USA CPL Velma Holden from NC

USA PFC Odessa Hollingsworth from OK

USA PFC Alice King from OR

USA PFC Wilma Liles from TX

USA PFC Evelyn McBride from TX

USA PFC Alice Pauline McKinney from Big Bay (Marquette County) in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Her brother Bill had been killed in Europe during the war sometime in the Fall of 1944. Special thanks to Loraine Koski, Marquette/Alger Co. WWII Gold Star Researcher who supplied this additional information.

USA PFC Rose Puchalla from MN

USA PFC Mildred (Higgins) Rice from MO was returning home from Africa  via England when the plane went down. She had already sent most of her belongings back home to the states. Among the items her family had received from her was a scrapbook full of photos she had taken while in Africa as well as from the time she entered the Army. There was also all the letters that had gone between her,  her brothers who were also in the military at the time and her parents. Mildred had a dress made while she was in Africa that she wore to a dance on the base--that was used just last year by a friend for a dance in PA. Mildred's niece Ethel Matney provided all this information and the photo.



USA PVT Pearl Roomsburg from CA

USA PFC Helen Rozzelle from Washington, DC

USA PFC Leona Seyfert from IL

USA PFC Ruth Warlick from TX

USA PFC Bonnie Williams from KS

15 May 45:

USA SSG Laura Besley from PA was a passenger onboard a C-47A when it crashed into a mountain on 13 May in a remote area of New Guinea. She died 2 days later from her injuries. (See below) Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

14 May 45:

USA PFC Eleanor Hanna from PA was a passenger onboard a C-47A when it crashed into a mountain on 13 May in a remote area of New Guinea. She died a day later from her injuries. (See below) Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

13 May 45:

On this date a C-47A plane had a group of off duty soldiers on a sightseeing flight over a remote, high altitude New Guinea valley. It crashed into a mountain top as it struggled to clear the ridge while climbing out of the valley. 13 men were killed in the crash along with the following women. 2 other women died within the next 2 days (see above). It took a long time for the Army to locate the crash site and the remains were finally repatriated in the late 1950s. 18 victims were buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St Louis, MO in a mass grave while 3 including PFC Hanna and SGT Besley were buried elsewhere. Initially 5 survived the crash--the 3 (2 men and a WAC) remaining survivor's story is now in a book titled Lost in Shangri-La by Mitchell Zuckoff. Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

USA PFC Alethia Fair from CA was a passenger. Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

USA PFC Marian C Gillis from CA was a passenger. Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

USA SGT Helen Kent from CA was a passenger. Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

USA PFC Mary Landau from NY was a passenger. Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

USA SGT Belle Naimer from NY was a passenger. Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

USA T/3 Marion McMonagle from PA was a passenger. Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

12 May 45:

CIVILIAN Harriet E Gowen, 27, from Stillwater, MN disappeared while onboard a P-47D Thunderbolt with pilot 1LT Harold F Wurtz Jr. They took off from Nadzab, New Guinea for a local flight but disappeared shortly thereafter. Harriet was a recreation specialist with the Red Cross. The wreckage of the plane and their remains were found in 1996. Recovery was made in 1998. They were identified though items found in the wreckage and CILHI. Families were notified and they were buried next to each other in Arlington National Cemetery on 6 Aug 99. John Johnson provided this info.

28 Apr 45:

In the Pacific Theater a Japanese "kamikazi" (suicide plane) bombed the hospital ship USNHS Comfort off Leyte Island, between Guam and Okinawa. The bombing completely destroyed the Operating Room area on the ship. In the attack 28 personnel were killed including 6 nurses and at least 48 others were wounded including medical personnel and 4 nurses. Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

USA ANC 2LT Margaret M Billings

USA ANC 2LT Frances O Chelsey (or Chesley)--The Presque Isle high school that Frances graduated from in 1928 memorialized her with a plaque.

USA ANC Evelyn C Eckert

USA ANC 2LT Ida M Greenwood--She graduated from Deaconess Hospital in Great Falls, MT in 1939. While there she had chosen the class hymn, Fairest Lord Jesus also known as the Crusader’s Hymn. Special thanks to Karen Owen for this latest info.

USA ANC 1LT Florence T Grewer

USA ANC 2LT Dorothy Stanke

13 Apr 45:

USA ANC 1LT Christine A Gasvoda from Michigan apparently died onboard a medevac which crashed during WW II. She was assigned to the 816th Medical Air Evacuation Squadron. She is buried in the Netherlands American Cemetery in Margraten, Netherlands.

31 Mar 45:

USA PFC Emma Jane (Burrows) Windham from TX died while assigned to a B-17 "Flying Fortress" as a flight engineer. The plane was landing in England when it was struck by another plane. Emma held an aeronautical engineering degree from the University of California, a civilian pilots license and had 349 flying hours. She was the Director of Flying for the New Mexico Wing of Women Flyers when requested to join the WAC. Emma earned her wings at Gore Field, Montana and held a dual rating of crew chief and flight engineer. She was assigned to the the Air Inspector's Office of the Air Transportation Command's European Division when she died. Pat Jernigan has provided some of this info along with CW4 Ron Strickland who sent me the following info about this incident:


I have spent the last two years researching PFC Windham.  She is my mother's first cousin.  She was killed in a midair collision between a B-17 and a C-47 2 miles south of Bovingdon, England on 31 March 1945.  She was serving as Aerial Engineer aboard the B-17.  She was the only female in the ETO killed while serving on flight status. I have considerable photographs and documents. 

4 Mar 45:

Pat Jernigan sent me the following names of more females who died. These women were all members of the Army Nurse Corps working in the China-Burma-India area theater. They were killed in a fiery C-47 transport crash near Ledo, India. The official word about this accident was that the group was on a medical mission--unofficially rumor had it they were going to a party. Most importantly at this time was the accident was due to poor weather. Bill Kearney sent me some additional information. He stated the plane involved was one of the 11th Combat Cargo Squadron and that everyone onboard had perished. He also has a list of the men who were onboard the flight. I will continue to attempt to find more information about them but right now here is what Pat gave me along with some of the info I have found thus far--I've listed them by rank and last name:

2LT Julia S Barnes--was from Plymouth in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. Their records state that she died on 13 Mar 45.

1LT Jane M Blevins--was assigned to the 20th General Hospital. She was from Scott County in Tennessee and born in 1922. According to their records she died in Feb 44, was buried in Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky and held the rank of 2LT.

1LT Evelyn Burton--was assigned to the 20th General Hospital.

2LT Margie A Camper--

2LT Rita F Erard--was reportedly from Syracuse, NY and possible assigned to the 172nd General Hospital.

2LT Evelyn M Gerdrum--was assigned to the 803rd MAES. She was from Grass Range, Montana.

2LT Lyndell A Glisson--was assigned to the 172nd General Hospital, 803rd MAES. Born 6 November 1921 she is buried in the Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery in Smith County, Mississippi.

2LT Ethel L Harris--was assigned to the 803rd MAES.

2LT Helen J Henley, 26--was assigned to the 803rd MAES. She was born in March 1920 and raised in Greensboro, NC. Helen attended Greensboro College and received her nurses training at St Leo's Hospital there. She volunteered for duty with the Army Nurse Corps in October 1943. Helen's first duty station was at Drew Field in Florida. Next she was sent to Will Rogers Field in Oklahoma City, OK. Helen visited her mother and three sisters in November 1944 before going overseas in December to the China-Burma-India theater of war. First she went to Karachi, then to Ledo in February. Helen volunteered to go on flight missions for emergency evacuation of the wounded. That's what she was doing this time also. The plane crashed only a mile from its take-off near Ledo on what was called the Stilwell Road. Helen's family was residing in New Castle, DE at the time of her death but returned to Greensboro after learning of her death. Her remains were returned to the family in May 1948 and they had her buried in the family plot in Greenhill Cemetery. Helen was survived by her mother Beulah Spencer and three sisters. Her father Edgar Henley had already passed away. Helen's niece Donna Betters provided this info.

1LT Catherine Marie Larkin--was assigned to the 803rd MAES. Born on 21 Jan 1915 in  Salem, Massachusetts, she had a sister and three brothers. She attended St James School in Salem, Essex County Homemaking School of Hathorne and graduated from the Salem Hospital Training School for nurses. She did further training in hospitals in Salem and Providence, Rhode Island before she joined the Army Nurse Corps. She was assigned to Harding Field in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she became Chief Nurse. She was establishing an advanced hospital base in Calcutta, India when she died. The Catherine M Larkin Memorial Practice Cottage was named in her honor at the Essex County Homemaking School on 30 September 1950 and still stands today.

1LT Kathryn "KL" Lloyd--

2LT Kathryn Lucille McCarthy--was assigned to the 172nd General Hospital, 803rd MAES. Born 13 March 1921, she was from Syracuse, NY. She was buried 10 January 1949 in National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu, HI in Section B, Site 644. Her final resting place is next to 1LT William D Hawkins, 2nd Marine Div and a hero of Tarawa. This additional info was provided by Bill Kearney.

2LT Ann L Merrill--was assigned to the 803rd MAES.

1LT Genevieve O Monahan--some references had her middle initial as R and her last name might be Monaham however I just heard from her great niece Carolyn Bryant who has corrected this to show middle initial as O, last name as Monahan and that her nickname was Ruth! Genevieve is buried in Orange, CA. Carolyn also has photos of her as a child as well as this one of her in uniform so I have asked if she could provide the uniform photo so I can post it here and she has.



2LT Mayo C Onken--was assigned to the 803rd MAES. She was born in 1920 in Porterville, California. She graduated from the Stanford University School of Nursing in San Francisco in 1943. She was buried on 8 January 1949 in the Porterville Cemetery. She was survived by her husband and father.

CIVILIAN ARC Amelia L Thomey--

25 Jan 45:

USA ANC 2LT Thelma LaFave from Gagetown, MI apparently died while onboard a C-46 plane that went missing between Pelellu Island and Leyte Island. Thelma was assigned to the 820th Medical Air Evacuation Squadron at the time. She is listed as Missing in Action or Buried at Sea on the Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery in Manila, Philippines--however that shows her death as 26 Jan 46--a year after she went missing. Pat Jernigan has provided this info.




4 Dec 44:

CIVILIAN Nurse Helen Corra from West Virginia is listed as killed in action according to Pioneer Nurses of West Virginia.

15 Nov 44:

CIVILIAN Nurse Beatrice Glasco from West Virginia is also listed as dying according to Pioneer Nurses of West Virginia but not where or why.

1 Nov 44:

USA ANC 1LT Aleda E. Lutz, 29, from Freeland, MI is one of the most celebrated war heroes of World War II. As an Army Flight Nurse, she flew 196 missions evacuating over 3500 patients. Aleda logged more flight hours than any other nurse at that time and had earned six battle stars before her death. Assigned to the 802nd Medical Air Evacuation Squadron, she was in a C47 air ambulance, losing her own life in an evacuation effort over Lyon, Italy. Her flight crashed into a mountain near Marseilles in bad weather. Supposedly she was the first US military woman to die in a combat zone during World War II but as you can see there were others who died before she did. Posthumously she received the Distinguished Flying Cross becoming the first woman to do so. A hospital ship was named for her as was a C47 plane and in 1990 a Veteran's Medical facility in Saginaw, MI. Pat Jernigan has provided some of this info.






22 Oct 44:

USA ANC 2LT Sara B Vance from West Virginia was serving with the 33rd General Hospital when she died. She is buried  in the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery in Nettuno, Italy.

21 Oct 44:

USA ANC 2LT Frances Slanger was with the 45th Field Hospital near Henri Chapelle, Belgium—one of four units that arrived in Normandy on 10 June 1944—just four days after D-Day. She was one of four nurses who waded ashore at the Normandy beachhead on D-Day. The 45th became the target of a German artillery barrage. She was mortally wounded when one of the shells burst nearby.  Frances and three other nurses were hit by shell fragments. She died two hours later. Frances became the only Army nurse killed by enemy action in the push from Normandy to the Rhine. Frances was buried in the American military cemetery of Henri Chapelle (Belgium). Some years later, her family had her remains removed and interred in a Jewish cemetery in Roxbury, MA. In Boston, the Jewish women Veterans of World War II formed an all women chapter of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA and named it the “Lieutenant Frances Slanger Memorial Post." Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

27 Jul 44:

USA PVT Marjorie (Marjory) L Babinetz from Bairdford, PA, died while onboard an A-24 "Banshee" dive bomber when it crashed in Stillwater, OK as she was stationed at Tinker Field. The Stillwater Daily reported the plane was barrel rolling and didn't come out of the second roll. Marjorie (Marjory) was a WAC recruiter at the time and was onboard with just the pilot 2LT James Howey from Parsons, KS. They were to open a recruiting station in Stillwater later in the day. Pat Jernigan and Bill Caldwell have provided this info.

24 Jul 44:

ANC 2LT Catherine Price, North Liberty, IN died when the C-54 she was on crashed while filled with patients being evacuated from Europe during the Normandy campaign.

14 Jun 44:

USA ANC 2LT Mary E Chubb, 31, from Doylestown, PA, died in single engine plane crash between Rugby and Coventry, England. She was buried at the Brookwood Military Cemetery in England and moved to the Cambridge American Military Cemetery in England on 18 May 1948 with full military honors. Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

18 May 44:

USA Army Nurse Corps 2LT Eloise M Richardson, 24, from Marseilles, IL was on a routine flight between the western coast of Bougainville and Guadalcanal in the South Pacific. She was a flight nurse aboard a C-47 which was transporting wounded troops, but never arrived at it’s destination. No evidence of it’s whereabouts has ever been recovered. Eloise, born 18 Apr 1920, graduated from Ryburn-King School of Nursing and had worked in Chicago’s Cook County Hospital prior to joining the Army in 1942 as a nurse with the 24th Evac and trained in air evac at Bowman Field, KY Oct 43. She later transferred to the Army Air Force division of nurses in 1943. Eloise was officially declared dead on 19 May 1945; in August she was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart. Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

10 May 44:

CIVILIAN Carolyn Chapin worked with the Red Cross. She was onboard a B-25C on a routine courier mission over Corsica when the plane disappeared. Four men from the US Army Air Forces, 57th Bombardment Wing were also on the plane. Crash site and remains were located and identified on 27 Apr 2009. John Johnson provided this info.





6 Mar 44:

USA 2LT Gerda M Mulack, from Newburgh, NY was a graduate of the Lenox Hill Hospital School of Nursing, was in a C-47 plane assigned to the 5th Air Force that went down during the transportation of wounded soldiers from the front lines during WW II. The plane had taken off from Nadzab Airfield enroute to Saidor Airfield by way of Finschafen Airfield on New Guinea in the Phillipines. The plane was last seen about two miles offshore of Saidor. Wreckage was found in 1949 and remains were recovered then sent to the USA. Gerda was assigned to the 804th Medical Air Evacuation Squadron. The squadron had left Bowman Field, KY on 9 May 1943 with staging at Camp Shanks, NY were all were issued Arctic gear to fool the enemy. They departed for Brisbane, Australia on the Uraguay and crossed the Pacific. Her remains are buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St Louis County, MO. Pat Jernigan has provided some of this info.


During the battle on Anzio, the German bombing and strafing of the tented hospital area killed six Army nurses. Four Army nurses among the survivors were awarded Silver Stars for extraordinary courage under fire.

24 Feb 44:

ANC 2LT Elizabeth J Howren, Newcastle, IN died while evacuating patients from Sicily to North Africa when the airplane crashed into a mountain near Gela-Vittria Sicily in bad weather. She was sent overseas on 21 December 1943 from Bowman Field in KY to serve with the 807th Medical Evacuation Transport Squadron in Europe.











16 Feb 44:

USA ANC LT Ellen G Ainsworth, 24, from Glenwood City, WI was on duty in a 56th Evac Hospital ward near the Anzio beachhead on 10 February 1944. She was severely wounded on 10 Feb 44 during the Battle of Anzio in Italy. During an enemy artillery bombardment, a shell hit the hospital. Despite the severe damage to the hospital, Ellen calmly moved her patients to safety. She “instilled confidence in her assistants and her patients, thereby preventing serious panic and injury. Her courage under fire and her selfless devotion to duty were an inspiration to all who witnessed her actions.” She died 6 days later and was the only Wisconsin woman to die from enemy fire during World War II. She was awarded the Silver Star, the nation’s third highest award for bravery, and the Purple Heart. In her honor, a nursing care building at the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King, WI is named Ainsworth Hall. A dispensary at Fort Hamilton, NY and a conference room in the Pentagon also are named in her honor. Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

10 Feb 44:

Two nurses of the 2nd Auxiliary Surgical Group were killed while working in the 33rd Field Hospital at Anzio. Artillery fire hit a nearby generator which caught fire and ignited the hospital tents. Approximately 200 Army nurses took part in the Anzio campaign. Two of them became the first women to receive the Silver Star for meritorious duty. During the Anzio campaign they cared for 33,128 patients (10,809 battle casualties; 18,074 sick; 4,245 other injuries). Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

USA ANC 2LT LaVerne Farquar

USA ANC LT Gertrude Spelboug (or Glenda S Spelhaug)--Dave Brewer military historian and archivest from Crossville, TN wrote to me saying that he located this information on the American Battlefields Monument Commission website: "1st Lt. Glenda S. Spelhaug was KIA on Thursday February 10, 1944 while assigned to the 33rd Field Hospital. Her Army serial number was N 736140. She is buried at the Rome-American Cemetery in Nettuno, Italy. Plot I, Row 12, Grave 8. She was posthumously awarded a Purple Heart."


7 Feb 44:

Three nurses died when the 95th Evac Hospital was hit by bombs from a German plane as it was fleeing a British fighter over Nettuno during the Battle of Anzio (Italy). The bombs fell on the admin, receiving and operating tents killing 27 and wounding 68. Pat Jernigan has provided this info.

USA ANC 2LT Marjorie G Morrow--I recently heard from Clive Mason whose father Dr James Mason III, who was an Army major at the time, had been a surgeon with the 2nd Auxiliary Surgical Group at Anzio. Clive has James' operating ledger which showed that he had operated on Marjorie as well as on Ruth D Buckley. The ledger has the date, name, serial number, outfit, wound, agent, time, lag, operation and result of each person he took care of during part (15 Jul 43-28 May 44) of his tour of duty 18 Feb 43-17 Feb 45. What an amazing document that must be. I'm glad Clive chose to share part of it with me--thanks Clive!

USA ANC 2LT Carrie T Sheetz

USA ANC LT Blanche F Sigman--A hospital ship was named in her honor during the war.

On this same day American Red Cross hospital field worker CIVILIAN Esther Richards from San Francisco, CA died somewhere on the beach at Anzio. This photo might be of her--it was posted on the American Red Cross Museum site that honors women in war. Esther had been an Army nurse during WW I but was considered too old to serve during WW II so she joined the ARC.





1 Oct 43:

Civilian Nurses Martha Thurmond and Virginia L Link, both from West Virginia, are listed as killed in action according to Pioneer Nurses of West Virginia. Virginia died in North Africa, perhaps Martha did also.

30 Sep 43:

USA Tech5 Edith Ballinger, Hartford City, IN was killed in a plane crash at Maxton Field near Laurinburg, NC

27 Jul 43:

USAAF ANC 2LT Ruth M Gardiner, 29, was the first flight nurse killed. She was serving with Flight A, 805th Medical Air Evacuation Transport Squadron in Alaska. She died in an aircraft accident near Nanek, AK while evacuating patients. Gardiner General Hospital in Chicago was named for her. Pat Jernigan has provided this info and photo.




22 May 43:

ANC 2LT Mafaida Arney, Terre Haute, IN died in a plane crash at Peterson Army Airfield, Colorado Springs, CO

11 Apr 43:

USA PFC Rita McCarthy, Gary, IN died of unknown causes

NNC Julia Antic of New Castle, IN died from unknown causes though the exact date and location are unknown.

A lesser-known fact is that thirty-eight members of the Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS), Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) Trainees and WASPs lost their lives during WW II and yet those who served as WASPs were not given full military status until many years later: Though they died in 1943 and 1944 I decided to keep them all together here.

9 Dec 44:    WASP Class 44-W-8 Mary Louise Webster
26 Nov 44:    WASP Class 44-W-1 Katherine “Kay” Applegate Dussaq

23 Nov 44:    WASP Class 43-W-4 Hazel Ah Ying Lee
26 Oct 44:    WASP Class 43-W-7 Gertrude V. Tompkins-Silver—no traces of her or the plane have been found--so her date of death is approximate
16 Oct 44:    WASP Class 44-W-9 Trainee Marjorie “Margie” Laverne Davis
16 Oct 44:   WASP Class 44-W-3 Jeanne Lewellen Norbeck
3 Oct 44:     WASP Class 44-W-4 Peggy Wilson Martin
2 Oct 44:     WASP Class 44-W-2 Marie Michell Robinson
--you can read more about Marie thanks to her niece Cheryl Marie Michell. Other articles about Marie can be found at 38 Women Airforce Service Pilots Killed in Service, Part 2A WASP'S Story Lives On and WASP Current Events 6-2005.
13 Sep 44:  WASP Class 43-W-5 Alice E. Lovejoy
14 Aug 44:  WASP Class 43-W-5 Mary E. Hartson
18 Jul 44:    WASP Class 44-W-5 Beverly Jean Moses
8 Jul 44:      WASP Class 44-W-3 Bettie Mae Scott
7 Jul 44:      WASP Class 43-W-2 Paula Ruth Loop
4 Jul 44:      WASP Class 44-W-2 Susan Parker Clarke
29 Jun 44:   WASP Class 43-W-6 Bonnie Jean Alloway Welz
21 Jun 44:   WASP Class 44-W-3 Lea Ola McDonald
20 Jun 44:   WASP Class 44-W-9 Trainee Gleanna Roberts
13 Jun 44:   WASP Class 44-W-6 Trainee Marjorie Doris Edwards
11 Jun 44:   WASP Class 43-W-2 Dorothy Mae “Dottie” Nichols
25 Apr 44:   WASP Class 44-W-1 Edith “Edy” Clayton Keene
16 Apr 44:   WASP Class 44-W-6 Trainee Jayne Elizabeth Erickson
16 Apr 44:   WASP Class 44-W-4 Trainee Mary Holmes Howson
10 Apr 44:   WASP Class 43-W-4 Marie Ethel Sharon
3 Apr 44:      WAFS Evelyn Sharp
27 Mar 44:   WASP Class 43-W-3 Frances Fortune Grimes
25 Feb 44:   WASP Class 44-W-2 Trainee Betty Pauline Stine
18 Feb 44:   WASP Class 43-W-8 Marian Toevs
3 Dec 43:    WAFS Dorothy E. Scott
7 Nov 43:    WASP Class 43-W-4 Mary Elizabeth Trebing
—originally  from Royalton, IL was 22 when she died. She graduated from Eastern Oklahoma A&M College in Wilburton. While there Mary took flying lessons and got her pilot’s license. She joined the Women Airforce Service Pilots as a member of class 43-W-4 and graduated on 7 August 1943. Mary was stationed at Love Field in Dallas, TX with the 5th Ferrying Group. On 7 November 1943 she was ferrying a PT-19 training plane from Oklahoma City to Dallas when the plane lost power near Blanchard, OK. Mary attempted to land the plane but the vertical stabilizer got caught on electrical wires and the plane went nose first into the ground. She was buried in the Green Mountain Cemetery in Boulder, CO. In 2010 her family was presented with the Congressional Gold Medal that had finally been approved for members of the WASP.


5 Oct 43:     WASP Class 43-W-2 Virginia C. Moffatt
23 Sep 43:  WASP Class 43-W-4 Betty Taylor Wood
30 Aug 43:  WASP Class 43-W-5 Trainee Margaret “Peggy” June Seip
30 Aug 43:  WASP Class 43-W-5 Trainee Helen Jo Anderson Severson
23 Aug 43:  WASP Class 43-W-3 Mabel Virginia Rawlinson
4 Aug 43:    WASP Class 43-W-8 Trainee Kathryn Barbara Lawrence
7 Jun 43:    WASP Class 43-W-4 Trainee Jane Dolores Champlin
—the first fatality at Avenger Field, Sweetwater, TX
21 Mar 43:  WAFS Cornelia Fort—the first American woman pilot to die on active duty after her plane was hit by another plane. She had been the second woman to volunteer for the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron.




7 Mar 43:    WASP Class 43-W-4 Trainee Margaret C. Sanford Oldenburg

This information was collected from a number of sources including Women Airforce Service Pilots.

bullet Killed in during World War I (28 Jul 1914 - 11 Nov 1918):

1917: 2 US Military women, 0 US Civilian women

1918: 0 US Military women, 3 US Civilian women

Total a/o 1 Jan 09: 2 US Military women, 3 US Civilian women

5 US women killed during WWI

The following women died while serving our country during World War I:

It is reported that at least 111 Army nurses died overseas and around 186 died stateside during WW I. The Navy had at least 22 Yeoman (F) die while at least 27 members of the Navy Nurse Corps died along with those serving as Dieticians, telephone operators, YMCA volunteers, Red Cross and Salvation Army women as well as those in the military intelligence field. Naturally this is all very hard to track so many years later. Thus far I’ve only been able to come up with the following names:

18 Dec 1918:

ANC Crystal McCord, Washington, IN had served in France

29 Nov 1918:

ANC Sister M Camilla, Lafayette, IN died of influenza at St Elizabeth Hospital in Lafayette

31 Oct 1918:

ANC Grace Copland, Lebanon, IN had served in France

26 Oct 1918:

ANC Hannah L Burden, Inwood, IN died of pneumonia at Camp Sherman, OH

21 Oct 1918:

ANC Flossie E Brownlee, Farmersburg, IN died in New York City

8 Oct 1918:

ANC Grace Buell, Roanoke, IN had been at Base Hospital #32 in France

ANC Florence Leclare, Indianapolis, IN died of pneumonia at Camp Devens, MA

4 Oct 1918:

ANC Rose Rapp, Jeffersonville, IN had served in France

2 Oct 1918:

ANC Flora Ruth, Indianapolis, IN died at Camp Pike, AR

1 Oct 1918:

ANC Ethel Leach, Fairmont, IN died at Edgewood Arsenal, MD

28 Mar 1918:

ANC Patricia Byron, Fort Wayne, IN died at Camp MacArthur, TX

Mar 1918:

CIVILIAN YMCA Volunteer Marion G. Crandall, Alameda, CA during shelling at Ste. Menehould, France
CIVILIAN YMCA Volunteer Winona Martin, Rockville Center, NY in Paris air raid
CIVILIAN American Red Cross Ruth Landon, New York City, NY during shelling in the St. Gervais Church in Paris

30 Dec 1917:

ANC Lettie M Berry, Franklin, IN had been at Base Hospital #32 in France

20 May 1917:

Six base hospitals that included more than 400 Army nurses sailed on five ships headed to France for service with the British forces. At least two women, nurses with Base Hospital 12 from Chicago, died aboard the USS Mongolia as it headed for France. According to an article dated 22 May 1917 in the "Chicago Tribune" many of the nurses were from Evanston Hospital and associated with Northwestern University Medical School. These two women were on the deck of the Mongolia observing the firing of various weapons. They were struck by fragments of the 6-inch gun's propellant caps which had ricocheted off a stanchion.

USA Army Nurse Corps Edith Ayers, Attica, OH
USA ANC Helen Burnett Wood,
Evanston, IL

22 Oct 1915:

ANC Margaret Hamilton, Minevah, IN had been at General Hospital #23 near Etaples, France

bulletKilled during the Spanish-American War (25 Apr 1898 - 12 Aug 1898):

1898: 0 US Military women, 21 US Civilian women

1899: 0 US Military women, 1 US Civilian woman

Total a/o 1 Jan 09: 0 US Military women, 22 US Civilian women

22 US women killed during Spanish-American War

The following women died while serving our country during the Spanish-American War:

Twenty-two women died as a result of service in Puerto Rico. All but one were Army Contract Nurses (some were nuns) who died from Typhoid Fever unless otherwise noted below:

2 Sep 1899--Anna (Long) Campos, originally from Hopewell, NJ had been living in Camden, NJ prior to her death in a camp near El Coure, Cuba. She died from Typhoid Fever leaving behind her husband, son and parents. She is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Visit Find A Grave Memorial to learn more about her. I'd like to thank Jen Snoots for providing this additional information to me after coming across Anna's headstone in Arlington.

9 Dec 1898--Ellen May Tower, of Byron, MI was the first US Army Contract Nurse to die on foreign soil of Typhoid Fever and was the first woman to receive a military funeral in Michigan.

21 Nov 1898--US Army Contract Nurse Katherine Stansberry, Typhoid Fever, died in Jacksonville, FL and buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN.

11 Nov 1898--Margaret Trioche, Typhoid Fever
3 Nov 1898--Mary Burke,
Typhoid Fever
3 Nov 1898--Anne Larkin, (Nun--Sister Mary), Typhoid Fever
1 Nov 1898--Elizabeth Flanagan, (Nun--Sister M Elizabeth),
Typhoid Fever
28 Oct 1898--Clara Ward, Typhoid Fever
23 Oct 1898--Mary Sweeney, (Nun--Sister Mary Agnes), Typhoid Fever
17 Oct 1898--Margaret Greenfield,
Typhoid Fever
15 Oct 1898--Carolina Wolfe, (Nun--Sister Caroline), Typhoid Fever
25 Sep 1898--Irene Toland (M.D.),
Typhoid Fever
9 May 1898--Lulu Plant, undiagnosed illness

The following women also died during this time frame but so far I have been unable to come up with their dates of death:

Lurecia Bailey, Typhoid Fever
T.R. Bradford,
Typhoid Fever
Emma Cameron,
Typhoid Fever
Dorothy Cochrane,
Typhoid Fever
Alice Roberts,
Typhoid Fever
Minerva Turnbull,
Typhoid Fever
Ruebena Walworth (DAR member),
Typhoid Fever
Clara Maass,
died as a result of yellow fever. Clara volunteered to participate in an experimental treatment program, after having survived the war. A US postage stamp was issued in 1976 in her honor.
died from Malaria.

I'd like to thank Marianne Hughes and Donna Brizendine for providing some of the info about these women of the Spanish American War!


bulletKilled during the Civil War (12 Apr 1861 - 9 Apr 1865):

1863: 0 US Military women, 5 US Civilian women

Total a/o 1 Jun 14: 0 US Military women, 5 US Civilian women

5 US women killed during the Civil War

The following women died while serving our country during the Civil War:

Some historical records verify the fact that over 60 women were either wounded or killed at various battles during the Civil War. Perhaps one of the most poignant stories about women in the Civil War is told in Women in War 1866, by Frank Moore:

In 1863, at age 19, a woman known only as Emily, ran away from home and joined the drum corps of a Michigan Regiment. The regiment was sent to Tennessee and during the struggle for Chattanooga a mini-ball pierced the side of the young soldier. Her wound was fatal and her sex was disclosed. At first she refused to disclose her real name but as she lay dying she consented to dictate a telegram to her father in Brooklyn. “Forgive your dying daughter. I have but a few moments to live. My native soil drinks my blood. I expected to deliver my country but the fates would not have it so. I am content to die. Pray forgive me......Emily.”

Hannah A Ropes, 54, died on 20 January 1863 of Typhoid Pneumonia after contracting it at the Union Hotel Hospital in Washington, DC where she volunteered to work as a nurse along with Louisa May Alcott. Hannah was originally from New Gloucester, ME and that is where she is buried.

After the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1863, the bodies of two Confederate women, in uniform, were found. A Union flag bearer, also a woman in uniform, was killed on the hill near Picketts Charge. Another young woman named Frances Day was mortally wounded while serving as SGT Frank Mayne in the Western Theater.

Army CPT Ella E Gibson, died after the Civil War but it wasn't known as to exactly when until now. Ella had been born on 8 May 1821 and died on 8 March 1901. She had been the Chaplain for the First Wisconsin Heavy Artillery Regiment. In 2001 she was posthumously promoted to the rank of captain by Congress. Special thanks to Chaplain Robert Stroud for supplying this information and photo.



There have been many other women who have died while serving our country. At this point I have chosen to not list those who didn't die in an actual war zone. Other websites have their names available. The best site which lists most of the women who have died while serving regardless of where they were is The Women Who Gave Their Lives run by Barbara Wilson, CPT, USAF (Ret).

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