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This page honors the women who have died serving our country while in other areas of the world mostly since Operation Desert Shield-Desert Storm in 1990-91 as well as since the War on Terror began on 11 September 2001 but as you can see I've also added others who died previously and those who have died under suspicious means.

Killed in Other Areas:

1984: 1 US Military woman, 0 US Civilian women

1987: 1 US Military woman, 0 US Civilian women

1988: 1 US Military woman, 0 US Civilian women

1990: 1 US Military woman, 0 US Civilian women

1991: 3 US Military women, 0 US Civilian women

1997: 1 US Military woman, 0 US Civilian women

1999: 1 US Military woman, 0 US Civilian women

2000: 2 US Military women, 0 US Civilian women

2003: 1 US Military woman, 0 US Civilian women

2004: 2 US Military woman, 0 US Civilian women

2005: 1 US Military woman, 0 US Civilian women

2006: 3 US Military women, 0 US Civilian women

2007: 3 US Military women, 0 US Civilian women

2008: 10 US Military women, 1 US Civilian woman

2009: 11 US Military women, 0 US Civilian women

2010: 3 US Military women, 1 US Civilian woman

2011: 7 US Military women, 0 US Civilian women

2012: 4 US Military women, 2 US Civilian women

2013: 7 US Military women, 3 US Civilian women

2014: 11 US Military women, 0 US Civilian women

2015: 12 US Military women, 2 US Civilian women

Total a/o 11 Oct 15: 86 US Military women, 9 US Civilian women

95 US women killed in Other Areas



Killed elsewhere since Operation Desert Shield/Storm or while in support of the War on Terror:


1 Oct 15:

A crew of 33 onboard the El Faro has been lost at sea near the Bahamas during Hurricane Joaquin. Among the crew were two women: one Merchant Marine and the other a civilian. To date only one set of remains was recovered. There has been very little debris found from the ship and only one life ring but no survivors.


USMM Danielle Randolph, 34, from Rockland, ME was the second mate onboard the El Faro. As of this writing neither the ship nor any of its crew have been found. Danielle was a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy in 2004. She was born at Camp LeJeune, NC and always wanted to work on the ocean.





CIVILIAN Mariette Wright, 51, always wanted to go places and see things. She loved being on the water. The middle child of three daughters she was delivered quicker then her sisters and has lived her life similarly—fast.








19 Sep 15:

USAR MAJ Paula (Askins) Graham, 38, of Chesterfield, VA died of an apparent suicide. Born in Charleston, SC she graduated from Brooke Point High School in Stafford, VA in 1995. Paula earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Econonomics from George Maon Universoty and a Master’s Degree in Business Adinistration from Columbia Southern University. She was a Major in the Army Resserve and had served in Iraq. Paula’s awards included the Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal and several other medals. As a civilian she was a Budget Analyst at Fort Lee, VA. She is survived by her husband David Graham,their son, Liam, her parents Paul and Alexandra Askins, sisters Sara Baker and Contance Askins an dmany others.






24 Aug 15:

USA PFC Karlyn S Ramirez, 24, from Del Rio, TX was found shot to death in her apartment in Severn, MD. She had just moved to the area in December and was stationed at Ft Meade, MD. Neighbors thought they heard gunshots but didn’t report anything till she didn’t answer her door the next day. Karlyn was living in the townhouse with her five month old daughter. She had enlisted in the Army in February 2013. Karlyn had been stationed at Ft Sill, OK; Goodfellow Air Force Base, TX; Fort Gordon, GA; served nine months at Camp Humphreys, South Korea and was currently assigned to the 742nd Military Intelligence Battalion as an Information Technology Specialist. Her family traveled from Texas to Maryland to take her daughter back with them. Karlyn is survived by her husband, daughter, and other family members including her brother Chuy Ramirez. Investigation continues and her husband has been interviewed already.






30 Jul 15:

USAR SGT Blanca Riviera, 29, was shot and killed in her home in El Paso, TX. Police were called to her home for a domestic violence call. Police have arrested her husband and charged him with her death. She leaves behind her daughter and other family members.



19 Jul 15:

USA CWO3 Tania Dunbar, 40, was stationed at Ft Bragg, NC and had been deployed to Kuwait and Afghanistan this past year. Home on leave she was camping and found laying next to her truck. First thoughts were that she had fallen and hit her head on the door handle but autopsy showed she died of natural causes. Tania, born in Santa Barbara, CA, enlisted in the Army in 1998 and was trained to be a radar repairer. She rose rapidly through the ranks and then trained to be a Warrant Officer specializing in Electronic Missile Systems Maintenance. She earned an Associate’s Degree in Counter Terrorism and was pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency and Disaster Management. Tania was heavily involved with the movement to get DADT and DOMA reversed as well as active in the Marriage Eqaulity movement. She fought hard for the GLBT community to get their rights and to have those rights also given to service members. Tania’s death is a huge loss to the community as well as the military. She was deployed to Kosovo in 2002 and Iraq in 2009 with the 3rd Infantry Division. It was then that she met the love of her life Deborah Graham and they married in Washington, DC in 2011. Tania had held positions of Director of Membership as well as Board Chair on the SPARTA Board of Directors. She is survived by her wife, her children Elijah and Michelle, along with other family members and an even larger family within the military/GLBT community. She will be missed tremendously. She will rest in peace in Arlington National Cemetery.








24 May 15:

INARNG SGT April L James, 32, from Evansville, IN became the fourth member of her National Guard unit to commit suicide. Upon graduation from Reitz High School in 2001 and Ivy Tech in 2006 she began to work at the Deaconess Hospital as a surgical tech. She also enlisted with the Indiana Army National Guard and served for 11 years with the 163rd Field Artillery. April had already been to Afghanistan with the 113th Battalion before the 163rd went to Iraq and returned home in 2008. Three other members of her platoon killed themselves—one in 2011 and two in 2013. No one knows why—really?? They had all practically lived together 12 hours a day, six days a week for a year. They drove a truck, avoided IEDs, found best defensive positions, communicated with the unit and fought. PTSD!! April is survived by her parents, brother and many others.





12 May 15:

USMC CPL Sara A Medina, 23, from Aurora, IL was killed when the Marine UH-1 helicopter crashed that she was in into the mountains northeast of Katmandu, Nepal while on a humanitarian mission to aid the citizens of Nepal following the earthquake that devastated their region. Five other Marines were also killed along with two soldiers from Nepal. They were aboard the chopper assigned to Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 469 from Camp Pendleton, CA. It took three days to locate the crash site but all remains were found and on their way to their families. Sara joined the JrROTC program when she was in East Aurora High School. Following graduation in 2010 she enlisted in the Marines and trained to be a combat photographer. She had already spent time in South Korea, South America and Okinawa. She was due home in August when she was to be married to another Marine whom she met while in Okinawa. Sara is survived by her mother Cecilia Lopez, father Miguel Medina, brother Carlos Medina, two nephews and fiancé Devon Anderson.




30 Mar 15:

USA SSG Michelle R Langhorst, 31, from Plum, PA killed herself in the parking lot of the HJ Heinz campus of the VA Pittsburgh Heakthcare System in Aspinwall, PA. Michelle had served nearly ten years including tours in Afghanistan and Belgium. Since her honorable discharge she donated most of her time working with the Wounded Warrior Project. Although she had been being treated at the VA Hospital it didn’t help save her life. Michelle is survived by her parents Connie and Michael Langhorst and sister Nicole along with many other relatives.





9 Feb 15:

USA Amanda Weyrick, 25, from Greenville, TX died in San Antonio, TX from a suspected drug overdose following a short illness. She had been a basketball player at Greenville High School and following graduation she enlisted in the Army. She trained to be an MP and went to Iraq where she also became a gunner. But when she came back her tattoos didn’t help her PTSD and she turned to drugs. She had a fatal infection that was likely driven by methamphetamine abuse and she lost her battle to live. She is survived by her parents Randy and Patricia Weyrick and her sister Ashley Weyrick. Amanda was buried at Ft Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio.




9 Feb 2015:

USAFR CPT Jamie Brunette, 30, originally from the Milwaukee, MN area, died of an apparent suicide in the back seat of her car in Tampa, FL. She graduated from Oneida Baptist Institute in Kentucky and enlisted in the Air Force. Jamie went on to receive her bachelor’s degree and in Feb 2010 was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. She served at Patrick AFB, Lackland AFB, MacDill AFB and had been deployed to Afghanistan where she was stationed at Camp Stone in Herat Province. Jamie worked as a Contracting Officer for security and infrastructure to three forward operating bases. She both married and divorced during her years on active duty. Upon returning stateside Jamie decided to leave active duty and join the Air Force Reserve. She was preparing to open a fitness facility with two others but Jamie began withdrawing from friends and family but wouldn’t talk about what was bothering her. She attempted to get help from the VA for PTSD to no avail. Tampa Police believe she took her own life.



6 Feb 2015:

CIVILIAN Kayla J Mueller, 26, from Arizona, reportedly died in Raqqa, Syria after being taken hostage in Aleppo and held since August 2013 by members of ISIS. According to ISIS she was in a building that was targeted by a Jordanian airstrike. Kayla had graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2009 and worked doing humanitarian deeds in northern India, Israel and Palestinian territories. In October 2011 she had taken part in a sit-in that protested the Syrian regime. She worked in France, Africa and Turkey. Very little was known by the public about her being a hostage until her death was reported. A report released in August 2015 stated that she had been sexually abused by the ISIS leader. Kayla is survived by her parents Carl and Marsha Mueller, her brother Eric and many other relatives and friends.



5 Feb 15:

USCG PO2 Lisa Trubnikova, 31, was killed in her home in Bourne, MA by another Coast Guardsman who also shot her wife PO3 Anna Trubnikova,30. The shooter also wounded a Bourne (MA) police officer. Lisa was stationed at Joint Base Cape Cod and Anna was stationed at Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England, Woods Hole, MA. The shooter was stationed at Chespeake, VA. Investigation into this incident is underway.





27 Jan 15:

USMC & USAR  Kisha Holmes, 35,  living in Austell, GA  committed suicide after killing her three children plus her unborn child. Kisha was well educated however she had a hard time getting and keeping her life in order. Married and divorced, children from different men, she was found by a maintenance men who entered her apartment to service an appliance. The VA deemed her a high risk toward suicide but apparently didn’t follow-up on her when she failed to attend three of her appointments. Originally from Brooklyn, NY she enlisted in the Marines in 1998 and served for four years.  She then joined the Army Reserve in 2002 till 2004. With all the articles I read about her I couldn’t find anything about her being deployed though. She is survived by family members and aunts as well as many close friends.



23 Jan 15:

USMC CPT Elizabeth Kealey, 32, from Indiana, PA, died in a helicopter crash during a training exercise in Southern California near Twentynine Palms Marine base.She was onbiard with 1st LT Adam Satterfield on a UH-1Y Huey helicopter. The crash is under investigation. Elizabeth was commissioned in 2005. She had deployed twice with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit and once in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, She was stationed at Camp Pendleton.






4 Dec 14:

USA PFC Christina (Bukovcik) Shaffa, 20, originally from Norwalk, CT and currently in Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX was murdered by her husband. She graduated from a Florida high school in 2012 before enlisting in the Army. She trained to be a Food Service Specialist and was then assigned to Ft Bliss. She was married on 30 September 2014. Funeral arrangements haven't been announced yet.





8 Nov 14:

USA PFC Kathijah A Badrulhaimi, 22, of Apple Valley, MN, died at her off-base residence in Fayetteville, NC. Police are investigating this as a suspected suicide. Kathijah was assigned to the 135th Forward Support Company, 3rd Battalion, 27th Field Artillery Regiment, 18th Field Artillery Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division as a light-wheel vehicle mechanic since 2013. No further info is available at this point in the investigation.





5 Nov 14:

USA SPC Dashea (McClary) Hatcher, 23, was murdered by her soldier husband in their apartment in Hinesville, GA. Both were in the Army stationed at Ft Stewart. Dashea had married her husband earlier this year shortly after she returned from Afghanistan. She had been there most of 2013. Following graduation from Florence School District One in 2009, Dashea went to college at the University of South Carolina-Beaufort for a year. She enlisted in the Army March 2012 and following her training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO she was stationed at Ft Stewart before being deployed to Afghanistan in February 2013. Her job in Afghanistan was driving trucks, delivering supplies and soldiers wher they needed to go. Dashea returned stateside in November 2013. The next month she became engaged to Perry Hatcher Jr who less than a year later would murder her.  Dashea is survived by her infant son Maison Nassir; father Donald McClary; mother Vashon Henneghan; sisters Aprielle James, Shannan Thompson and Donjanea McClary; brothers Donte McClary, Dezmond Henneghan, and Brandyn Alston and other family members.




12 Oct 14:

USA SGM Jody A George, 48, died in Temple, TX, due to recent heart issues believed to be caused by her Agent Orange exposure while at Ft McClellan, AL. She had been there while training when she first enlisted as well as for her training to be a Military Police Officer. Jody graduated in 1984 from Port Washington High School and enlisted in the Army. She was assigned to Korea, Germany, Ft Hood, TX, Ft McClellan, AL, Bosnia and Iraq. During all that she also earned her Bachelor and Master’s Degrees. She is survived by her partner Michael Ryan, her parents Patricia Wellenstein Binsfield and Janis “John” Freidenfeld, brothers John and Chad, sisters Charlene, Michele and Cindy, and many other relatives.



13 Sep 14:

USAR SSG Virginia Caballero, 41, from Abernathy, TX died while enroute home from Kuwait after being there since November 2013 on her second deployment. She was assigned to Fort Hood, TX and attached to the 452nd Combat Support Hospital, 330th Medical Brigade out of Milwaukee at the time of her passing. Virginia was returning home unexpectedly to surprise her family but while onboard a flight from Kuwait she complained about not feeling well. She went to the restroom but didn’t return. Virginia’s traveling companion went to check on her and found her unconscious. The plane she was on was forced to make an emergency landing in Rockford, IL. She was later pronounced deceased at the Rockford Memorial Hospital. It is thought that she may have had a blood clot which was affected by the altitude of her flight. On her first deployment Virginia had been attached to the 413th Reserve Unit based in Lubbock, TX, and was shot in her hip while in Mosul, Iraq when she was shot during a vehicle ambush just after being there for two months in 2003. She became the first woman to receive a Purple Heart for her wound. Virgina had graduated from Abernathy High School in 1991 and had attended Texas Tech. She was a volunteer for the March of Dimes. Her family is proud of her accomplishments and will never forget her bright personality. They gathered at the Veterans Memorial in Abernathy, where her name is among more than a thousand bricks bearing the name of men and women who have served from the Abernathy area. Virginia is survived by her parents, Joe and Mary Caballero of Abernathy; a brother, Joe Caballero of Lubbock, TX; two sisters, Maria Medrano of Lubbock and Suzie Turner of Colorado Springs, CO; many other family members; and her two beloved felines Stormy and Stinky. Funeral arrangements are pending at Abell Funeral Home & Flower Shop of Abernathy.





25 Aug 14:

USA SFC Paula Walker, 33, from Yonkers, NY, committed suicide in an office on Ft Lee, VA. She had been stationed there for three years. A 14 year Veteran Paula enlisted shortly after graduating from high school and planned to retire from the Army. Following Basic Training she was assigned to Ft Eustis, VA in 2006, had a tour in Hawaii, went to Iraq for 15 months from 2007 to 2008, followed by a tour in Afghanistan in 2008, Ft Devens, MA in 2010 and more recently at Ft Lee. Her awards and decorations include three Army Commendation Medals, four Army Achievement Medals, one Joint Meritorious Unit Award and four Army Good Conduct Medals. She is survived by her eight year old daughter, mother Flora Walker and twin brother Paul Walker.



19 Jun14:

USN BM Yeshabel Villot-Carrasco, 23, of Parma, OH died as a result of a non-hostile incident while onboard the USS James E Williams (DG-95) an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer as the ship was underway in the Red Sea. She was a Boatswains Mate Seaman aboard the ship which left its homeport of Norfolk, VA on 30 May for an eigth month deployment. Yeshabel enlisted in the Navy in April 2013, reported to this ship in August and this was her first deployment. She had visited Spain after crossing the Atlantic and helped the ship get through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea. Shipmates discovered her unresponsive, but no more details were immediately available. The Navy’s NCIS is investigating her death as a suicide, according to a Navy official. The ship held a memorial service on the mess decks June 20. Yeshabel had gotten married in late 2013 thus she is survived by her husband who is also currently deployed and her parents who reside now in Puerto Rico.







30 May 14:

USA SGT Bonnie Tanguay, 34, from Westerly, RI died in her home state due to suicide caused by her PTSD. She was a native Rhode Islander who enlisted in the Army in 1998. Bonnie was in the 119th Military Police Company when it was deployed to Bosnia 2000-2001. Later she was assigned to the 115th MP Co from 2004-2006 when she was honorably discharged. Upon leaving the Army she raised and trained service dogs for disabled Vets.




30 May 14:

USA SGT Shaina B Schmigel, 21, from Medina, NY died at Ft Bragg, NC during a paratrooper training accident. She was an intelligence analyst with the 37th Engineer Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Abn Div, died during a standard T-11 parachute jump at Holland Drop Zone. Shaina joined the Army in 2010 and has been with the 2nd Brigade at Ft Bragg since 2011. She served in Iraq in 2011. Shaina had already received the Army Achievement Medal with one oak leaf cluster, the Army Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Iraq Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon, the Army Service Ribbon, and the Parachutist Badge. Services haven’t been determined yet.



26 May 14:

TXARNG SPC Vanessa L (Hernandez) Alcorte, 32, from southern California was murdered in Lubbock, TX. Though born in Los Angeles she moved to Lubbock when she was 10 and attended Horwell Elementary and Estacado High School. Vanessa served 11 years in the Army National Guard and served three tours in Iraq.  Her body was found in a car behind a mobile home park in north Lubbock. Neighbors heard shots fired and called police. Vanessa had met a guy on Friday and he killed her Monday. She is survived by her three children Natalia, Jazalyn and Malachi; parents; five brothers; a sister; grandparents; and two special friends Samantha Hardeman and Mary Vasquez. Her mother Graciala Santana was taking her back to California for internment. Samantha provided some additional information about Vanessa to me.



9 May 14:

USA SGT Heidi L Ruh, 33, from Kiel, WI died in Kosovo when shot while on her base. She was found at a running track at Camp Bondsteel by a civilian. Heidi has been in the Army for 11 years having enlisted in 2003 and based out of Ft Hood, TX. She worked as a biomedical equipment specialist in a medical unit repairing surgical machines. Heidi had served in Afghanistan and then volunteered to go to Kosovo in February. Heidi received the Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal with Bronze Service Star, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal along with numerous Army and Unit Awards. An investigation is going on to determine what happened.  She was born at Altus Air Force Base in OK and graduated from Kiel High School in 1999. Heidi is survived by her parents, her two sons, a brother and many other relatives. The Army says it does not suspect or have any evidence of foul play in her death although it has not been ruled out. The Army says it does not suspect any type of hostile gunfire. An Army spokesman said Wednesday he doesn't know how long the investigation will take. As more news comes out I’ll post additional info.





16 Sep 13:

On this date a man went to the Navy Yard in Washington, DC and opened fire on the men and women working there as civilians and contractors. Of the twelve people who were killed three of them were women:


Civilian Kathy Gaarde, 62, of Woodbridge, VA. She loved animals and belonged to a local bird refuge. Originally from Chicago Kathy graduated from Florida State University and moved to the DC area 38 years ago. She is survived by her husband Douglass and daughter Jessica.






Civilian Contractor Mary F Knight, 51, of Reston, VA. She was an Information Technology contractor and had been in DC for five years. Mary was originally from Fayetteville, NC and the daughter of a Green Beret. In addition to her job she was also an adjunct professor at Northern Virginia Community College. She is survived by her two daughters Nicole and Danielle.







Civilian Sylvia Frasier, 53, of Waldorf, MD. She was also a deaconess, altar counselor and member of the arts and music ministry at Rhema Christian Center Church. Sylvia was one of seven children so she is survived by many family members and friends.






3 Aug 13:

USA Lilli Anna (Moore) Panttila, 25, from Cincinatti, OH, died suddenly—possible suicide. She was born at Kishwaukee Community Hospital, attended local schools and graduated from Illinois’s Rochelle Township High School in 2006. Lilli went onto Elmhurst College where she was training to be an EMT. She enlisted in 2009 and was proud to serve in the Army as a Motor Transport Operator. Lilli enjoyed fishing, golf, reading and most importantly, her friends and family. She is survived by her parents, Jim Moore and Lois (Metzger) Moore; her husband, Jeffery Panttila and daughter, Brinkli; her loving cat Mimsy and many other relatives and friends. Her ashes were to be spread at her uncle’s farm in Ferryville, WI. Her loved ones requested that memorial donations be made to the Rochelle Fire Department for their Fourth of July fireworks or to HOPE of Ogle County.





8 Jul 13:

USA CSM Andrea E Powell, 43, from Conyers, GA died from multiple trauma when her vehicle hit the rear end of a truck that was stopped in a construction area on I-20 in Aiken County, SC. She was on her way home from Ft Bragg, NC and was pronounced dead at the scene. Andrea was assigned to the 324th ESB, Fort Gordon, GA. She is a mother, a mentor, a friend, a daughter. Andrea was a woman leading more than 300 soldiers. She was a combat veteran, Audie Murphy Member, and so many more accomplishments. Andrea has soldiers deployed at this time and more headed to the flight line next week for a deployment. She was born on 2 December 1969 in Cold Spring, NY. Andrea graduated from Roy C. Ketcham Senior High School in Wappingers Falls, NY. She was also a graduate of Saint Leo University, earning a Master’s Degree in Business Administration Human Resources and had been accepted into a PHD program to begin the next phase of her post-graduate education. In 1990, Andrea decided to enlist in the Army. During her 23 years she attended the Primary Leadership Development Course, where she received the Distinguished Honor Graduate Award, later she also received the Honor Graduate Award for the basic Noncommissioned Officer Course and Advance Noncommissioned Officer Course. Andrea served at various times as an Administrative Specialist in Human Resources, Unit Supply Specialist, Operations NCO, instructional/writer positions, Personnel Records Supervisor, Training NCO, Postal Inspector and Supervisory positions, and Custodian of Postal Effects, First Sergeant and Sergeant major in Operations of the Attorney General. She progressed to the rank of Command Sergeant Major, the highest rank for a Non-Commissioned Officer. Andrea’s final duty assignment was serving as the CSM in the 324th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, Fort Gordon, GA. Both a Citizen Soldier and Military Technician, she was assigned as a Human Resource Specialist in the G1, 3D Medical Command at Fort Gillem, Forest Park, GA. Andrea had been deployed to Germany, Korea and Iraq. Her awards and medals include: Defense Meritorious Service Award, Army Commendation Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, Army Good Conduct Medal-3rd Award, National Defense Service Ribbon with Bronze Service Star, Global War on Terrorism Medal, Military Outstanding Volunteer Medal with Bronze Service Star, NCO Professional Development Ribbon with numeral 4, Overseas Ribbon with numeral 3, Army Meritorious Unit Commendation with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, Member of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club, Meritorious Service Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters, Army Achievement Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters, Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, Iraqi Campaign Medal with 2 Campaign Stars, Korea Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal with Bronze Hourglass and M device, Army Service Ribbon, Joint Meritorious Unit Award, Army Superior Unit Award and Lifetime Member of the Adjutant General Corps Regimental Association. Andrea was an active member of the Springfield Baptist Church in Conyers, GA and also a member of Springfield Baptist Church in Beacon, NY, which was founded by her great-grandmother, Rev. Mattie Cooper. She was an avid sports fan, a prolific reader, she loved to shop, traveled all over the world, was a motorcycle enthusiast and was a member of the Daughters of Eastern Star, Far East Chapter #47 and of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Andrea is survived by her two children Lucrecia and Jalen; her parents Curtis S. Powell, Sr. of Fitzgerald, GA and Gladys L. Cooper of St. Augustine, FL; two brothers Curtis and Shawn Powell; grandmother Lucrecia Cooper; grandparents Nathaniel and Leanna Powell; nephew and niece Cameron and Chloe Powell; any many other family members and friends. She was celebrated with full military honors on 15 July 2013 at the Springfield Baptist Church, Conyers, GA. Another service will be held for Andrea at the Springfield Baptist Church, Beacon, NY with her Interment following this service at Fishkill Rural Cemetery in Fishkill, NY.



3 May 13:

USA SGT Maribel M Ramos, 36, residing in Orange, CA disappeared and was lost for several days. Unfortunately her body was located on 16 May in Modjeska Canyon. She had served in the Army for 10 years with two tours in Iraq and one in Korea. Maribel had transitioned well from Army life to civilian and traveled to several places to speak about Veterans transitioning back to civilian life and their education possibilities. She was scheduled to graduate from Cal State Fullerton in May '13 with a degree in criminal justice which was given posthumously. As of this writing police have arrested her male roommate for her murder and her story was covered by NBC's Dateline in October '14. She is survived by her loving sister, niece and many other family members and friends.





8 Apr 13:

USAR PVT Michelle L Miller, 17, apparently was murdered in Germantown, MD by an Army recruiter who is believed to have had inappropriate relationships with other teen girls in the county. The man, 31, fatally shot Michelle then killed himself inside his home. She reportedly had a romantic relationship with the man. Michelle was due to graduate from Rockville High School in June and had signed up to enter the Army Reserves after graduation. She wanted to become a military psychotherapist to work with wounded warriors. Michelle was on the varsity lacrosse team, an honors student, and an active member of the Senior Class. She had wanted to go into the Army since elementary school to serve her country, see the world, and finance her education. Michelle lettered in basketball, soccer and lacrosse while in high school. Her family was hoping she’d be allowed to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.



21 Mar 13:

USMC L/CPL Sara Castromata, 19, from Oakley, CA was murdered along with another Marine at Quantico, VA by one of the sergeants who proceeded to take his own life. The shooting occurred inside Taylor Hall—a barracks building on the Marine base. The three Marines worked together at the Officer Candidate School. Sara was raised Catholic by her parents in Northern California, and was the youngest of three sisters. She knew in high school that she wanted to be a Marine. Sara graduated from Liberty High School in Brentwood. She joined the Marines in December 2011 because she believed it was the toughest branch of the military. Sara was trained to be a warehouse clerk. She served for more than a year but had not been deployed. Sara was a huge Laker’s fan and hoped to meet Kobe Bryant someday. The family is making arrangements to collect her body when the investigation is done. She is survived by her parents, her sisters, and other family members.



11 Mar 13:

USN LT (j.g.) Valerie (Cappelaere) Delaney, 26, from Ellicott City, MD died when the EA-6B Prowler she was piloting crashed into a field during training near Spokane, WA. She served with the Electronic Attack Squadron VAQ-129, a training group based at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Washington State. Valerie graduated from Centennial High School 2004 where she was an athlete and received letters for lacrosse and soccer. But even with good grades she didn’t make it into Annapolis that year. Valerie went to a private school in MA for a year and then earned her place at the Naval Academy where she wanted to study engineering. She was among the first in her class to get her wings. While at the academy she sang in the group Stowaways and played lacrosse again. Valerie pursued her course work aggressively, taking a double load of classes one semester while she studied at a French military academy. She received her degree in aeronautical engineering from President Obama who spoke at commencement in 2009 at the US Naval Academy. Valerie had been selected for flight school in Pensacola, FL and moved quickly up to jet training in Meridian, MS. She met her future husband, Sean Delaney, also a native of Maryland, academy graduate and Navy pilot after each returned from summer cruises. They married at the Naval Academy Chapel last year and celebrated their first anniversary last month. They were co-located at Whidbey. Valerie wanted to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps as he was a retired Air Force pilot. She died doing what she loved. Valerie is survived by her husband Sean Delaney, parents Patrice and Doreen Cappelaere and two sisters.



14 Feb 13:

USA CPL Kimberly Walker, 28, from Cincinnati, OH was found dead in her hotel room at the Crowne Plaza in Colorado Springs, CO. She had been strangled and had a blunt force injury. Kim enlisted in 2004, deployed to Iraq in 2010 and was most recently assigned to the 2nd General Support Aviation Battalion serving as a petroleum supply specialist stationed at Fort Riley, KS. She had traveled to Colorado to spend time with her boyfriend who is also in the military but stationed at Ft Carson, CO. He has been located in North Carolina, arrested and prosecutors are preparing to get him extradited back to Colorado to be charged with her murder. She is survived by her mother, Deborah; her father, Kevin; and her twin sister, Kara. UPDATE: Soldier was found guilty of premeditated murder!




21 Aug 12:

NYARNG SGT Kristie A (Roberts) Proctor, 27, of Queensbury, NY committed suicide at her home.  She had graduated from Queensbury High School in 2002, became a paramedic and enlisted in the Army National Guard. Kristie trained at Ft Jackson, SC and Ft Sam Houston, TX. In 204 she transferred to the Air National Guard in Scotia and served till 2006.She reenlisted in the Army National Guard in 2012 serving as a medical specialist with the 466th Area Support Medical Company. As a civilian she a paramedic with the Clifton Park Halfmoon Emergency Corps, Broadalbin Perth Ambulance Service and assisted the West Glens Falls Emergency Squad.




20 Jul 12:

CIVILIAN Rebecca (Hernandez Wygal) Wingo, 32, of Aurora, CO died following mass casualty shooting in a theater in Aurora. She had lived in three states and two countries by the time she was 12 and by 20 she had gone through intense foreign-language training at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA, was fluent in Mandarin and working for the U.S. Air Force as a translator. Rebecca had met Robert Wingo during her training and they were classmates, friends, lovers, spouses, parents, exes and eventually partners. They were dedicated to raising their two daughters in a happy, loving, stable environment. Though divorced, their homes in Aurora were just 4 miles apart, with their girls' school in the middle. Rebecca who worked at Joe’s Crab Shack was working her way through classes at the Community College of Aurora with a dream of becoming a social worker who would help teens transition out of the foster-care system.  She is survived by her former husband, their two daughters, her parents Steve Hernandez and Shirley Wygal and many friends.



10 May 12:

USA PFC Shanon Pirofsky, 35, of Newport News, VA and formerly of Waterford, NY died suddenly while stationed at Ft Eustis, VA following her tour in Iraq. She was assigned to the 53rd Transportation Battalion upon returning stateside in Dec 2011. Born in Bayonne, NJ, Shanon resided in many places including Newville, PA and Halfmoon, NY. She graduated from Big Springs High School in Newville and enlisted in 2010. Shanon was “always the life of the party” and donated her organs in death. Her heart and lungs went to someone in NY while her liver and kidneys went to someone else. She is survived by her parents Daniel L. Pirofsky and Kimberly Brown Pirofsky-Holland; stepmother Tina Pirofsky; sister Lacey M. Pirofsky; paternal grandparents; maternal grandmother; and other relatives and many friends. Shanon was accompanied to her final resting place by members of the Patriot Guard Riders of NY and buried with full military honors in the Gerald Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery.






14 Apr 12:

USA PFC Kelli (Henson) Bordeaux, 23, from St Cloud, FL, disappeared and was presumed dead. She was a combat medic with the 601st Area Support Medical Company, 261st Multifunctional Medical Battalion, 44th Medical Brigade at Ft Bragg, NC. Kelli was last seen leaving the Froggy Bottoms bar in Fayetteville. She would go to the bar to sing karaoke and was not the type to go AWOL. Kelli was always asking questions, smiling, gracious, caring, polite and willful. Kelli, a St. Cloud High School graduate and the youngest of three children, enlisted in April 2011 and arrived at Ft Bragg in November. Her remains were found on 14 May 2014 off River Road near the I-295 highway in northern Fayetteville. Police have arrested a registered sex offender who was last seen with her and had been their chief suspect for the last two years. He has been charged with first degree murder and pled guilty. Though Kelli had disappeared in April 2012, the Army didn’t declare her deceased until May 2013. She is survived by her mother Johnna Henson, three sisters including Olivia Cox who worked tirelessly to find her sister, along with many other family members and friends. The family is make plans for memorial services in North Carolina and Central Florida.



3 Mar 12:

USA SPC Shardae (Wright) Durant, 23, from Arkansas was murdered by her soldier husband in Clarksville, TN. They had only been married 10 days before they had a fight and Shardae was shot several times in the bathtub. She was a 2007 Hamburg High School graduate and a member of the Army at Fort Campbell, KY. Shardae was living in Clarksville and staying with her friend Chavonde Chase. Shardae is survived by her son Kameron, her mother Retha Wright, her sister Sonya Blanch and others.




22 Feb 12:

CIVILIAN American journalist Marie Colvin, 56, formerly from Oyster Bay, NY, was killed in Homs, Syria along with French freelance photojournalist Remi Ochlik. They were killed in the bombardment of a makeshift media center in an apartment building where they were working. Marie, the oldest of five children, grew up on Long Island. She graduated from Oyster Bay High School in 1974 and from Yale University in 1978 where she began writing for the Yale Daily News before starting her career as a journalist. Marie worked on the summer staff at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport, MA where she became friends with Maria Schriver and her family. Though she worked briefly for a labor union in Manhattan she was soon hired by United Press International. She worked in UPI’s Washington, DC bureau and in Paris before going to work on The Sunday Times of London. Marie has lived in London since then. She had covered conflicts over 30 years. Marie mostly focused her writing on the human toll on civilians caught in war’s crossfire. In 2001 Marie was wounded in a grenade attack in the rebel-controlled territory within Sri Lanka. She lost one of her eyes, suffered damage to her hearing and shrapnel was embedded in her brain. Since then she has worn a distinctive eye patch. One of her many awards was the Foreign Correspondent of the Year in the 2010 British Press Awards. She had won numerous journalism awards for her courageous reporting and groundbreaking interviews with Muammar el-Qaddafi and Yasir Arafat among others. Marie is survived by her mother Rosemarie Colvin and her four siblings.



10 Jan 12:

USA SPC Brandy Fonteneaux, 28, from Houston, TX was brutally murdered in her own bed in her room in her barracks building at Fort Carson, CO by a fellow soldier. She had been a track star and graduated in 2009 from Texas Southern University before she enlisted in the Army in 2010. She trained as a food service specialst and was assigned to the 4th Engineer Battalion at Ft Carson. She is survived by her mother Verona Fonteneaux, two brothers, aunt Beven Thomas, and other family members.






12 Dec 11:

USA CPT Anne M (Rockeman) Montgomery, 25, originally from Watford City, ND, died when two helicopters crashed during training at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA. There were three other soldiers onboard the helicopters who also died. Anne was a West Point graduate who had served on active duty since 2008. She arrived at Joint Base Lewis-McChord a year ago. She is survived by her husband Chief Warrant Officer Aaron “Monty” Montgomery; her parents who are missionaries in Kenya; and at least one sister and one brother.




3 Dec 11:

USA Kathleen (McGee) Korolevich, 30, from Oak Grove, PA was murdered by her husband upon her return from Germany. He has since been arrested. She is survived by her father, stepmother, two brothers and a sister.



30 Sep 11:

USA SGT Sophie Champoux, 25, from Clermont, FL, died at Ft Stewart, GA. Raised in Florida she had attended South Lake and East Ridge High Schools. At South Lake she belonged to the JrROTC. She had served three years in the Army and was stationed at White Sands, NM, Afghanistan and Ft Stewart. During her military career she was raped three times. Her death is being investigated as a suicide.




6 Sep 11:

NVARNG SFC Miranda McElhiney, 31, of Reno, NV was one of the three NV National Guard members who were killed in the IHOP in Carson City. She was an administrative sergeant for the Joint Force Headquarters of the Nevada National Guard and had served for 13 years. While serving soldiers in the medical, dental and human resources fields she was a health and dental specialist along with a human resources specialist and was awarded many commendations. She was short with tiny hard to fit feet. “She lived the Army values of honesty and integrity.” As a perfectionist she kept track of all 127 soldiers in her unit, who were often assigned to support different units across the state. She had her bachelor's degree in human resources management and was working on her master's degree. She also was considering the Troops to Teachers program. She had an upbeat personality and often baked and handed out cupcakes at work. She graduated from a culinary school in Alabama and owned a small bakery and often brought goods to events and fund raisers. She was saving up money to attend ceremonies next year when she would get her master’s degree. Memorial services were held 11 September at the National Guard Armory, in Carson City and she was interred at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Fernley.





17 Jul 11:

USA SGT Deirdre A (Wetzker) Aguigui, 24, from St Louis, MO and her stillborn son were murdered at Ft Stewart, GA by her husband who was also in the Army. She had been stationed at Ft Stewart since Dec 09 where she served as a linguist. Deirdre was in the Army four years including a tour in Iraq. She met her husband while attending the US Military Academy Prep School. Deirdre enjoyed physical fitness training along with swimming and running—she ran in marathons and half-marathons. She loved music and played the clarinet and violin. Deirdre looked forward to having her baby. Her husband murdered her so he could collect on her life insurance policy and be with his girlfriend. He was arrested, tried, found guilty and handed a life sentence. Deirdre was survived by her parents, four sisters, two brothers and both sets of grandparents.





9 Jun 11:

USAF A1C Kelsey S Anderson, 19, from Orofino, ID died at Andersen Air Force Base on Guam. The USAF has reported that she committed suicide but her parents don’t believe it and are suing the government. Kelsey was an avid soccer player while in school and horseback rider. She worked in her hometown’s flower shop before joining the military. Kelsey had plans for her future. After winning $72,000 in college GI Bill assistance, she told her parents she wanted to serve her country for four years and then go to college, possibly to earn a degree as a veterinarian’s assistant. It was also a chance for her to write a new chapter in the family’s history of military service: Her father, uncles and grandfathers had served. After enlisting and being trained Kelsey was looking forward to Guam’s warm climate and beaches. She had been on Guam less than five months. According to her parents she was unhappy with her job as a security guard on Guam but was neither distraught nor depressed in their final contacts with her days before her death. They continue to maintain that Kelsey was not depressed in the days leading up to her death and have filed a suit for more information Her parents expected to receive a quick report about what happened in an aircraft maintenance hangar that housed two B-2 bombers. That’s where they’d been told their daughter’s body was found in a locked stall of a second-floor women’s bathroom, the apparent victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound from her own service weapon. The US Air Force told the Andersons in May 2012 an investigation into their daughter’s death was complete. The Army reports she died from a self-inflicted gun wound. Despite repeated requests her parents say they have been denied an official report from the Air Force disclosing the details of their daughter’s death. Her parents have contacted their senator for assistance and just want to know how she died so they can get closure and move on with their lives She is survived by her parents Chris and Adelia Anderson as well as other family members.



4 Mar 11:

USA PVT Galina M Klippel, 24, from Anchorage, AK died from an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound in Hawaii. She enlisted in the Army in 2007, deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 and 2010 and had been assigned to the 540th Quartermaster Company for one month. Galina died at Wahiawa General Hospital following an incident which had begun about two hours earlier when military and federal police officers responded to a report of a soldier brandishing a weapon. After police surrounded the area, Klippel retreated to the inside of a vehicle, where she fired the fatal shot. Reports stated that a female soldier going through divorce was hopped up on pills/booze, then barricaded herself in vehicle. MPs arrived and shut the area down. CID shows up and talks her down and she gets out of the vehicle. She had a change of heart and put a .45 to her head. One shot/one self-inflicted KIA end of story. PVT Klippel was a casualty of the wars that have destroyed so many individual lives and families.







12 Nov 10:

USN Kelli Grese died from overdose of VA prescribed medications. Kelli served side by side in the Navy with her twin sister Darla for six years, 1991-97. They were in Naples, Italy in 1995 when they both became victims of three men during a home invasion. While not physically hurt they both were deemed to have PTSD from the incident. Kelli continued with great evaluations, managed the color guard, and had outstanding scores on her physical readiness tests even though she was now plagued with migraines and PTSD. The sisters were discharged from the Navy in 1997.  Due to the migraines and PTSD Kelli was given an 80% service connected disability. The VA began giving her medications totaling 25 different pills. In March 1999 Kelli was admitted for detox due to addiction to some of these drugs. But that didn’t stop the VA from putting her back on the same medications. Kelli was diagnosed with Personality Disorder with Borderline Features. In 2001 the VA changed her diagnosis to Polysubsance Dependence. “Over the course of Kelli’s treatment with the VA, she was diagnosed with major depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, Polysubstance Dependence, and Borderline Personality Disorder. She was on dozens of medications, in increasing numbers and increasing dosages. She was treated by multiple doctors - both civilian and through the VA - all making diagnoses and prescribing medications. The VA, the arbiter of her medications and treatment, was content to label and pigeonhole Kelli as a psych case, and was content to administer hundreds and hundreds - thousands, even - of toxic medications to “cure” her.” Due to all the meds Kelli attempted suicide many times. The VA never helped her—they made a mild situation much worse.



7 Oct 10:

USA SGT Amanda A “Mandy” Sheldon, 24, originally from Belding, MI, died in Fayetteville, NC from an apparent suicide. Born on 17 Feb 1986 in Grand Rapids she died at the Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. Amanda graduated from Belding High School in 2004 and enlisted in the Army in October 2005. She was trained in Unit Supply at Ft Lee, VA. Amanda then was assigned to the Coleman Barracks in Germany. She had been deployed to Kuwait in 2009 and then assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division’s 18th Fires Brigade (Airborne) as their Unit Supply Sergeant in February 2010. Amanda went home on leave for a party with her family as she was preparing to deploy to Afghanistan at the end of the month with the 18th. Among her awards were the Army Commendation Medal with bronze leaf cluster, the Army Achievement Medal, the Army Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Army Service Ribbon and the Overseas Service Ribbon. She had one more year to serve in the Army and wanted to attend Duke University to become a physician’s assistant. She was into fitness, enjoyed running, and loved music as well as dancing. However this last year was a turbulent one for her and she took her own life. Amanda is survived by her mother & step father, two brothers & two sisters, grandparents, other family members and many friends.



10 Jun 10:

USA PVT Elizabeth Lynch-Gonzalez, 19, from Shrub Oak, NY, committed suicide by jumping off the Tappan Zee Bridge. She had always been a funny, athletic, energetic, generous young woman so no one knows why she took her own life. She graduated from Lakeland High School in 2009 and went in the Army in January 2010. After her Basic and Advanced Training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO she expected to work at a recruiting station in Peekskill before going to Ft Bliss, TX. Her orders were cut short and she was to leave for TX the day she died. Three pedestrians tried to talk her out of jumping before being told by a NYS Thruway truck driver to get off the bridge. She is survived by her parents.





13 Mar 10:

US consular employee Lesley A. Enriquez, 35, and her husband, Arthur H. Redelfs, 34, both US citizens were murdered in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico when they were ambushed in their car. The couple along with their child were shot in their vehicle near the Santa Fe International bridge which links Juarez with El Paso, TX. The child was unharmed in the back seat of the car. It is believed they were caught up in the drug gang war that has been going on throughout Mexico lately.






12 Nov 09:

USN SN Tyler Jefferson, 18, from Tyler, TX was shot to death in West Pensacola, FL while out for an evening run. She died from multiple gunshot wounds. Tyler was a 2009 graduate of John Tyler High School in Tyler and joined the Navy. She was training to be a computer technician when she was murdered. She is survived by her mother. Although police say there is a suspect no one has been arrested yet.






5 Nov 09:

This particular sunny day at the Soldier Readiness Center at Fort Hood, TX an Army psychiatrist who graduated from the military medical school in Washington, DC and not a psychologist (thanks to John Johnson for this updated information) opened fire on fellow soldiers who were in the building either in or out processing to or from their deployments to Iraq or Afghanistan. He killed twelve soldiers, one civilian and wounded thirty others including the civilian police officer who shot him thus ending the slaughter. Among the fatalities were three women--


USA SPC Francheska Velez, 21, of Chicago, IL died at Ft Hood from wounds inflicted by gunman. She had just returned stateside from Iraq upon learning she was pregnant. She was in the ROTC while in Kelvyn Park High School where she graduated in 2006. She played softball and formed a dance troupe called Innercity Rhythms. Velez also performed with a group of clowns who entertained at birthday parties. Francheska enlisted in January 2007 and spent her first year serving in South Korea. She recently re-upped for another three years and had been in Iraq for about 10 months.



USAR SGT Amy Krueger, 29, of Kiel, WI died at Ft Hood from wounds inflicted by gunman. She had enlisted in the Army Reserve following 9/11 and was assigned to the 467th Medical Detachment in Madison. She had been at Ft Hood 2 days and was suppose to deploy to Afghanistan in December. She graduated from Kiel High School in 1998 where she had been active in volleyball, basketball, softball and swimming. She had already been n Afghanistan in 2003. In October Amy went to CA for training but got a military type tattoo before leaving WI. She had worked various jobs, earned an associate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan and was a full-time student majoring in psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Survived by mother Jeri Krueger, sister Jessica and others. A Scholarship honoring Amy has been set up.



USA LTC Juanita (Rightweiser) Warman, 55, originally from Pittsburgh, PA but residing in Havre De Grace, MD died at Ft Hood from wounds inflicted by gunman. She was a physician’s assistant who attended Pittsburgh Langley High School and the University of Pittsburgh, where she earned a master’s degree in nursing. She had been a certified psychiatric nurse practitioner, previously worked in the UPMC hospital system, had a civilian practice at UPMC, and was an expert in post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. She and her husband moved to Maryland in 2005 where Juanita accepted a job at a Veterans Administration facility in Perryville. She had volunteered and was about to deploy to Iraq. She had undergone training in California in preparation for her mission and was due for more training at Fort Hood. She had been at Fort Hood for only 24 hours and not due to leave until the end of November. Juanita had served a year at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. She regularly volunteered for round-trip flights to Iraq to care for soldiers being sent to Landstuhl. She received an Army Commendation Medal in 2006 for meritorious service at Landstuhl. In all her military career spanned 25 years on active duty and with the Army Reserve. LTC Warman is survived by her husband Philip, two daughters, three stepchildren and eight grandchildren, her mother Eva Waddle and six siblings. The family expects she will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.



29 Oct 09:

USCG AET2 Monica L Beacham, 29, from Decaturville, TN apparently died along with eight other military people when the C-130 plane she was riding in was in a collision with a Marine AH-1 Cobra helicopter. The accident occurred over the Pacific Ocean off southern California near San Clemente Island. Monica was a Aviation Electronics Technician qualified C-130 Radioman, Navigator Trainee. She was married with two children.






13 Jul 09:

USN IS2 Amanda J Snell, 20, from Las Vegas, NV, was found dead in her room at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington, VA. She graduated from Chapparal High School in Las Vegas in June 2007 and enlisted in August 2007. Amanda went to Great Lakes for basic and Dam Neck, VA for her specialty. She was then assigned as an Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class (E-5) to the office of the Director of Naval Intelligence since 9 September 2008. Amanda volunteered as a Youth Minister at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Alexandria, VA. Although NCIS investigated her death immediately there was no arrest made until 16 Jun 2011 when they charged a former Marine with her murder. Amanda is survived by her mother Cynthia Snell, brother Alexander and other relatives.





1 Jun 09:

USAF SrAirman Jessica Tarver, 24, from the Pensacola, FL area died at Brooke Army Hospital in San Antonio, TX from a rare disease she contracted while on one of her two tours in Iraq. It is believed Jessica got Still’s Disease while in Iraq in 2006. It’s a form of Rheumatoid Arthritis that is characterized by high spiking fevers, rashes, arthritis and affects the immune system. The disease led Jessica to having both of her legs amputated in July 2008. More recently her kidneys began failing and she died shortly thereafter. She had graduated from Woodham High School in Pensacola in 2002 and enlisted in the Air Force. She was laid to rest in Resthaven Gardens Cemetery. Jessica is survived by her mother Sharon Washington Kidd, her father Gerry Tarver of Tulsa, OK, three brothers, two sisters and many other relatives and friends.








4 Apr 09:

USA PFC Cassaundra Beckel, 19, from Missouri was murdered by her husband at the Fort Bliss Post Exchange. After graduating from high school Cassaundra went to the Chicago Art Institute. While in Chicago she met her soon to be husband. They married on 28 Sep 08. She withdrew from school and they moved to Seattle, WA. It was there that Cassaundra enlisted in the Army on 26 Nov. Cassaundra went to Ft Leaonardwood, MO for Basic Training and was elated after finishing it and decided she wanted to make the Army her career. She was assigned to Ft Bliss upon completion of her training. But it wasn’t long before her husband said he wanted her out of the Army. He wanted her to spend more time with him—that’s not the Army way!  He approached her in the PX and shot her then turned the gun on himself. Cassaundra is survived by her father Delmar McGhee and many other family members and friends.



3 Apr 09:

USN FN Amber L Winbourne, 23, of Fort Valley near Warner Robins, GA died onboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt from sudden cardiac arrest though the actual cause of it is unknown. The ship was in the English Channel at the time enroute to Portsmouth, England when she collapsed at her work area. Although there were two other sailor’s nearby and she was taken to the ship’s medical facility the lifesaving efforts were in vain. The carrier and elements of its Strike Group have been deployed in the 6th Fleet Area of Responsibility providing air-support to ground forces in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, according to the Navy. In late March, the carrier went through the Suez Canal as she began the trip home to Norfolk. Amber was an electrician’s mate fireman and her rank was E-3. She joined the Navy in April 2006 and had been serving on the carrier since November. Amber was a Houston County High School graduate. Her remains will be transferred from the Roosevelt and delivered to Dover, DE. She is survived by her mother Michelle Hollis, step-father, brother, husband and an 18-month-old son.






7 Mar 09:

USA PFC Ashley C Barnes-Lambert, 18, from Mobile, AL was murdered by her husband while she was home on leave from duty in Afghanistan. She had enlisted in September 2007, trained as an automated logistical specialist, assigned to the 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment, 159th Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division and deployed to Afghanistan in December 2008. She is survived by her mother Michelle Borsarge of Mobile, AL and her father Duwayne Barnes of Pace, FL.




28 Feb 09:

USMC CPL Carri Leigh Goodwin, 20, from Alliance, OH, drank herself to death following her rape. Although the USMC arrested the man responsible for the rape—he was slapped on the wrist and continued to stay in the Corps—and it was his second rape on record. Carri had enlisted in the Corps in August 2007 when she was 18.








25 Oct 08:

USA PFC Cori M Feltner, 22, from Laxahatchez, FL died at the Hotel Lumiere in St Louis, MO while enroute to her first overseas assignment in Korea. She had graduated from Glades Day School in 2005, where she enjoyed being on the varsity Softball and Volleyball teams and had been active in Travel Softball and Cheerleading. After enlisting in the Army Cori was sent to Ft LeonardWood, MO for her basic and advanced training. She had been assigned to the 14th Military Police Brigade and was preparing to go to Korea. Cori is survived by her mother and father, Vivian and Walter Lawrence, her grandparents, her brothers, her sisters, many other family members, and friends. She was laid to rest at South Florida VA National Cemetery, Lake Worth, FL with full Military Honors. To date—no cause of death has been made public.



assigned as a graphics illustrator in Company A, 5th Battalion, 4th Psychological Operations Group when she was stabbed four times and murdered. She had a bachelor’s degree in communications from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. She was attacked while walking with her husband and stabbed to death. Police later arrested both him and another soldier for conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree murder. Christina is survived by her parents, Katherine and Steven Loehrke.






17 Sep 08:

CIVILIAN Susan El-Baneh, 18, from Lackawanna, NY died as a result of a terrorist bombing on the US Embassy in Sanaa, Yemen. Susan, accompanied by her younger brother and mother, had gone to Yemen in August for an arranged marriage. She died while holding hands with her husband of three weeks. They were in the Embassy’s waiting area to find out how to bring her new husband back to the US. Susan was a senior at Lackawanna High School and planned to return home to finish school before going to nursing school. She is related to Yemeni-American Jaber El-Baneh, who is on the FBI's most-wanted list, accused of being the seventh member of the Lackawanna Six. The six were convicted for providing material support to al Qaeda. Susan is survived by her mother, father Ali T. El-Baneh, brother Ahmed El-Baneh, and many other family members and friends. A couple of folks have complained about this woman being listed here BUT she was an American who was inside the US Embassy when she was killed.





29 Aug 08:

USA Kanika Powell, 28, from Mitchville, MD in Prince George’s County was murdered inside the doorway to her apartment in Laurel, MD. She was a 1998 graduate from Largo High School and enlisted in the Army in 2000. Among her military homes she served a tour in Korea. Upon discharge from the Army Kanika took a job as a security contractor at John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. She held a Top Secret Clearance and traveled quite a bit for her job but wouldn’t talk about what she was doing although she did tell her mother where she was. On a Saturday night there was a knock on Kanika’s door. She looked thru the peek hole and saw a man who was holding a badge. He claimed he was from the FBI but didn’t show any identification so she refused to open the door and he left. Kanika reported this to the police and her mother. Nothing was found and she said she was going to have a security system installed. She spoke to her family and emailed her friends that she was leery of this man. A few days later another knock at the door was a man saying he had a delivery for her. She wouldn’t open the door and later didn’t find any packages outside her door. Kanika called police again—nothing. She went out to run errands and when she returned home the same man who claimed to have a package for her was in the hallway. He opened fire on her. When she was found police said it wasn’t a robbery as her keys and wallet were found next to her and nothing was missing. This was one week from the night the “FBI” was at her door. Kanika was taken to the hospital but she didn’t survive. However she was an organ donor so her death helped others. A few months later a similar circumstance occurred resulting in the death of a young man. Two years later a detective said they were looking at persons of interest but no arrest had been made at that time. As of October 2015 this case has not been solved. Kanika was interred in Cheltenham Veterans Cemetery. She is survived by her mother Judy Powell Forrest, step-father David Forrest, three siblings and many other relatives and friends.



16 Aug 08:

USA SGT Kendale B Carney, 28, was found unresponsive at her mother’s home in Hamlet, NC while she was home on leave from duty in Iraq. Kendale was a food service specialist assigned to the 503rd Maintenance Company, 7th Transportation Battalion, 507th Corps Support Group, 18th Airborne Corps at Ft Bragg, NC. The Army will investigate her death though foul play is not expected. Memorial services will be held both in Iraq as well as at Ft Bragg for the rest of her company.





13 Aug 08:

USAF SrAirman Sabrina Autrey, 23, from was found dead in her Arlington, VA apartment while stationed at Bolling AFB. She was assigned to the 11th Mission Support Squadron Military Personnel Flight at the Pentagon. She had been at Lajes AFB in the Azores before her assignment at the Pentagon and was preparing to deploy to Iraq prior to her untimely death. She was buried in Evergreen, AL with full military honors but nothing else has been released about her death.







8 Jul 08:

USA ANC 2nd Lt. Holley (James) Wimunc, 24, from Dubuque, IA was murdered, dismembered and burnt by her estranged Marine husband in Fayetteville, NC and found in Snead’s Ferry, NC. Holley was a nurse at Ft Bragg and her husband was stationed at Camp Lejeune. He was charged with first-degree arson and conspiracy to commit arson along with another Marine and then first-degree murder. She had been declared missing after a fire was set in her apartment. Holley was assigned to Fort Bragg in August 2007 and worked as a nurse at Womack Army Medical Center. She was last seen using an automated teller machine. When she didn’t come in to work a co-worker went to the Morganton Place Apartments in Fayetteville to find her and found the remnants of a fire that had burned two bedrooms. Holley’s children had been sent to stay with their birth father prior to this incident.




21 Jun 08:

USA SPC Megan L Touma, 23, from Cold Spring, KY was found murdered in a bathtub in a hotel room in Fayetteville, NC. She was a dental specialist who was temporarily assigned to Fort Bragg’s 19th Replacement Company, and would have eventually been assigned to work at a base dental clinic. She had just transferred there from a base in Germany and was seven months pregnant. Another soldier was arrested for her murder.





3 May 08:

USA SPC Emily Ort, 24, of Willis, TX was found dead in her sleeping bag at Fort Irwin National Training Center, CA. She had been there about two weeks training for her upcoming deployment in July to Iraq with her unit 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division from Fort Carson, CO as a human intelligence collector. Found unconscious in her sleeping bag Emily was treated on the scene and taken to Weed Army Community Hospital on post where she was pronounced dead. Emily was born in Dallas and raised in Willis. She graduated from Willis High School in 2002 and enlisted in the Army in November 2003. She became a human intelligence collector assigned to the brigade’s Special Troops Battalion. She re-enlisted in November to continue providing a good life for her 16-month-old son who was born Christmas Eve 2006. She was stationed at Fort Carson and living with her mother and child. In her free time Emily enjoyed painting and drawing pictures. Emily is survived by her son Christopher Wiley, mother Vickey Ort, father Robert Ort II, stepmother Dianne Ort, sister Amanda Vance, brother Dustin Ort, half-sister Desiree Ort, as well as her grandparents and many other relatives and friends. Further investigation conducted by the Fort Irwin CID and the San Bernadino County Sheriff's Department Coroner's Division determined that Emily died from an accidental multiple prescription drug toxicity. She had been taking numerous pain medications for injuries she received in a December 2007 traffic accident. She had been relieved of her training duties with an off-work order three days before her death due to vomiting and diarrhea and she had acute bronchopneumonia but that did not contribute to her death.



12 Apr 08:

USA SPC Diana (Juarez) Mota, 30, originally from Guanajuato, Mexico but residing in Killeen, TX was murdered by her husband who then committed suicide. She was a graduate of Killeen High School prior to enlisting in the Army. Diana was trained as an automated logistical specialist and served in Iraq during 2006. Among her medals she earned an Army Commendation Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. Diana was separated from her husband but went to his home to talk. They were found dead later that night by her daughter and another relative. Diana is survived by her two children, her parents, brothers and sisters.








7 Mar 08:

USAFR SrAirman Blanca A Luna, 27, from Philsen, IL was found stabbed to death in her room at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, TX. Months later her mother only had a few answers as to how Blanca had actually died. Blanca had served with the Marines before she joined the Air Force Reserve. She had been a part of the 434th Civil Engineer Squadron at Grissom Air Reserve Base in Indiana since February 2007 and assigned to the 366th Training Squadron temporarily since September. She was at Sheppard for training in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. She was due to graduate on 10 March 2008! She was found with a five-inch kitchen knife sticking out of the back of her neck, blade up, half of it sunk into her neck that penetrated the distal brain stem. The autopsy report stated manner of death was undetermined! To date no one has been charged with this crime that I am aware of. Blanca had been on the swim team at Curie High, graduated, joined the Marines and later switched to the USAFR. She loved panthers and had a tattoo of one on her shoulder. Her mother continues to fight for the truth about her death. She is survived by her mother Gloria Barrios, father and siblings.






17 Dec 07:

USA AGR SFC Carolyn Farrar-Johnson, 58 originally from North Carolina was found dead in her home at Fort Belvoir, VA, where she was stationed since January. However, official records list her as a member of the 11th Battalion, 80th Regiment, Officer Education System, headquartered at Fort McCoy, WI. A week after her death her husband Ronnie Nelson was arrested and charged with her murder. He told the Army Criminal Investigation Command that they were arguing the day before, he shoved her, she fell hitting her head on the floor and he did nothing but drink. He later put her on the couch still unconscious, had intercourse continued drinking till he fell asleep. He waited till the next day to call 911.








14 Dec 07:

USMC LCPL Maria F Lauterbach, 20, from Vandalia, OH was murdered in Jacksonville, NC by a fellow Marine who was the reported father of her unborn baby. She had gone to see him when she disappeared. More then a month later her remains were found in his backyard after she and her baby had been burned to death. At the time of her disappearance, Maria was assigned to Combat Logistics Regiment 27, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, II Marine Expeditionary Force and was eight months pregnant. Maria grew up in Dayton, OH where she attended Butler High School. She joined the Marines in June 2006 and became a personnel clerk. Maria was preparing to testify that she was raped by a fellow Marine. She was reported missing on 19 December, five days after her last conversation with her adoptive mother. Her cellphone was found on 20 December, near the main gate at Camp Lejeune. Authorities found the burned remains of Maria and her unborn child in a fire pit in CPL Cesar Armando Laurean’s backyard. They also found a large quantity of her blood in Laurean’s house in Jacksonville, NC. He was reported as having tried to clean up the scene. Police had evidence of her death but Laurean claimed she committed suicide by cutting her own throat during an argument with him. The official cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. Laurean went on the run but was caught, eventually put on trial, found guilty and given a life sentence!






8 Apr 07:

USA SPC MarciAnna Y (Rivera) Bennington, 18, born in Maryland and was from Hampton, NH. She was a victim of murder-suicide in the home she shared with her husband in Killeen, TX. Both of her parents were in the military. MarciAnna graduated at the age of 17 from Winnacunnet High School where she was a cheerleader, a member of the ROTC and had a black belt in TiQuanDo. She went directly into the Army, was trained as a combat medic and assigned to the 13th Sustainment Command at Ft Hood. She planned on becoming a physical therapist. MarciAnna met her husband while she going through Basic Training in 2006 and married in November. She had been notified she was scheduled to deploy to Iraq. Although a neighbor reported hearing a shot on Friday the couple wasn’t found by friends until Sunday and that’s the date the Justice of the Peace declared as her date of death however in looking at FindAGrave.com her date of death shows as 6 Apr.











18 Oct 06:

USN Jeanne “Linda” Michel, 33, born on 5 Sep 1973 in Montreal, Canada and living in Clifton Park, NY shot and killed herself while home on leave after nine months in Iraq. She was educated in the Montreal school system and attended Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY. Linda joined the Navy in 2001 and was about to be discharged on 8 Nov 06. She had been in Kuwait and Iraq but once home she couldn’t feel normal—she saw too much. Linda was called up for deployment in 2005. She didn’t expect that there was a shortage of Army personnel which forced Navy and Air Force members into land-based and combat areas at the time. Linda went to Camp Bucca in southern Iraq. Her patients called her Doc! She took care of so many but couldn’t help her own depression that was setting in. A Navy doctor gave her Paxil—her husband was never told that. When she came home the Navy stopped giving her the medication—again her husband wasn’t informed. He only learned what he did after she was gone. She is survived by her husband Frantz Michel; sons Frederic and Andrew; daughter Emma, all of Clifton Park; as well as her parents Claude Jean-Louis and Gertrude Charles of Montreal and Rosette Descollines; and sisters Sherline Descollines, Marie-Rosele Azemar, Suzie Descollines, Alisha Descollines and Jenny Descollines, all of Montreal; and several nieces and nephews. She received a funeral with full military honors and was interred in the Gerald BH Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery.



10 Aug 06:

PAARNG SPC Kirsten Fike, 36, of Warren, PA died while on duty along the Arizona-Mexico border watching for illegal aliens. She had deployed there with her unit the 28th Military Police Co based in Greensburg, PA. She collapsed during a 12-hour mission and was tended to by a combat medic and lifesaver to no avail. She died later in the Yuma Regional Medical Center. Kirsten was a former member of the US Air Force and had joined the National Guard on 12 June. Kirsten is survived by her son Cody and her parents, Arden and Nina Chittick. According to Fike’s ex-husband, Jeffery Fike of Corry, PA she is the mother of three children, a son, Cody 13, a daughter Taylor, 16, and a son Tanner, 19, of Tidioute.





18 Jan 06:

USA SGT Katherine P Singleton, 25, formerly of Pensacola, FL died from non-hostile circumstances “undetermined per certificate of death” and no cause of death is listed on government documents. She was off duty at the time and it appears that she did not die in Iraq though she had been there prior to her death. Katherine had attended Escambia High School and enlisted under the Army’s Delayed Entry Program in 2001. She had received the Good Conduct Medal for service Nov 01-Nov 04 and an Army Commendation Medal for exemplary service during combat operations with the 101st ABN in Iraq Mar 03-May 03. However at the time of her death she was assigned to HHC Training Support Bn, Ft Bragg with an MOS of 15F10. Her father had notified the Pensacola News Journal and local TV stations that she had died but no further information has come out about her. DoD has not published a News Release regarding her death. She is survived by Doryce Blake and Maryon Singleton of Myrtle Grove, FL. She was buried at the Barrancas National Cemetery in Pensacola. Many questions have arisen about Katherine's death and perhaps The Agonist answers some of them! According to CID reports she died from an overdose of drugs.




5 Nov 05:

USA SFC Mary Lou Dessus, 36, originally from Martinez, CA but had her home of record listed as Brentwood. She was the victim in a murder-suicide by her husband in their home in Killeen, TX. This occurred during a domestic disturbance. Both were retired from the Army. Mary had returned from a tour in Iraq nine months before this incident happened. She was assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, III Corps at Ft Hood at that time. Mary was a career counselor for her unit. She had enlisted in June 1987 and was assigned to Ft Hood in May 2005. Soon after her return to the US their relationship changed. Mary was buried in Antioch, CA. She is survived by her two children.





24 Jul 04:

USA SGT Erin E (Taylor) Edwards, 24, from Shawville, PA was murdered by her estranged soldier husband at Ft Hood, TX. She had been serving with the 4th Infantry Division in Iraq before returning to Fort Hood. Erin’s body was found on her home’s front porch after she had been shot in the head. Her former husband’s body was found later, also dead from a gunshot. It appears this was a murder-suicide. They had quite a domestic violence background between them. Thankfully their two children weren’t present at the time of this incident. Erin enlisted in 1999, arrived at Ft Hood in 2001 and deployed to Iraq in March 2003 for a year. She was a light vehicle mechanic though worked as an administrative assistant in the division headquarters.



16 May 04:

USN PO3 CT Laura A (Skinner) Alford, 21, from Oviedo, FL was murdered by one of her roommates in their apartment in Virginia Beach, VA. They were also shipmates aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt where she was a Cryptologic Technician. Laura graduated from Oviedo High School in 2001 where she had been in the NJROTC Program. She enlisted with the Navy in May 2002, went to Great Lakes for Boot Camp, then to Corry Station for training as an Electronic Warefare Technician and was assigned to the Roosevelt. Laura was onboard and took part in OIF. She had gotten married just four days before her death. Laura was buried with full military honors at the Highland Memory Gardens in Forest City, FL. Laura is survived by her husband Dennis Alford, her parents Valerie and David Philon, a sister Sarah Skinner and many other family members and friends. A special thank you to Amber Mathwig for letting me know about Laura—they were in Boot Camp together.








28 Feb 03:

USAF SSG Shelby Orelup, 22, was found murdered in a drainage ditch at Sheppard AFB in TX. She had enlisted following early graduation from high school. Following Basic and Tech training Shelby's first assignment was at Lakenheath, England. While there she became friends with an airman and began a relationship. Shelby was transferred to Sheppard AFB. He was transferred to Cannon AFB, NM and Shelby wanted him to remain in their daughter's life. They had a fight one night and her body was found the next day. Shelby is survived by her daughter, mother and other family members. He was arrested, tried, found guilty and sentenced to 30 years in prison, reduced in rank to PVT and dishonorably discharged!












Killed elsewhere prior to 11 Sep 01:

12 Oct 00:

The destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67) was refueling off-shore near Aden, Yemen when it was attacked by a suicide bomber who approached the ship as if it was a vendor transporting food. Suddenly there was an explosion! The side of the Cole was blown open. There were 17 deaths including two female sailors as well as 39 injured sailors. Here is the info about the two women who died that day and apparently became the first two female sailors to die aboard a ship from a hostile action. Since the Cole was in service during the time frame following Operation Desert Storm and that date is still open as for receiving ribbons for service at that time I have decided to add these two women to this list of serving our country in other areas--


USN CSSN Lakeina Monique Francis, 19, from Woodleaf, NC was a Seaman (E-3) Mess Management Specialist (though she hated to cook and hoped to become a military police officer) serving aboard the USS Cole when she died while cooking lunch. She had only been onboard for two weeks. Born in Philadelphia, PA Lakeina died off-shore near Yemen. She was listed as missing in action for two weeks before her body was found among the wreckage. Lakeina attended schools across the country while her father served in the Navy and graduated from Eastern Wayne High School in Goldsboro, NC. She worked at Sears in Statesville, NC but shortly after her dad retired she enlisted. She posthumously received a Purple Heart and was buried at Salisbury National Cemetery Annex, in Salisbury, NC. She is survived by her parents Ronald and Sandra Francis, and brothers David and James Francis.



USN SN Lakiba Nicole Palmer, 22, from San Diego, CA where she had been born and raised died off-shore near Yemen while serving as a Seaman Apprentice (E-2) aboard the USS Cole. Lakiba graduated in 1996 from San Diego High School where she had been on the track team specializing in sprints and the 400-meter relay. She enlisted in the Navy following graduation with hopes of traveling around the world. On 19 Nov 2004 a 12-story energy efficient state of the art barracks was opened at the San Diego Naval Base and named in her honor as Palmer Hall for sailors E-1 to E-5 to live in while off ship. She is buried at the Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego. She leaves behind a very young daughter who will never know her mother as well as other family members.




23 Jul 99:

USA CPT Jennifer Odom, originally from Knoxville, MD was killed in a plane crash in Columbia, South America. After high school Jennifer graduated from West Point in 1992. She became a pilot with assignments in Germany, Bosnia, Panama and South America. Her plane went missing while on a counter drug mission and was found in Columbia near the Ecuador border. The entire crew was lost. Jennifer had received many medals, ribbons and awards before her death. The athletic facility at Ft Detrick, MD is named in her honor. She is survived by her husband Chuck, her parents and others.






15 Jun 99:

USN PRAN Misty Dawn Warren, 24, of Independence, WI died on her 75th jump when her parachute failed to open properly while on a testing mission over China Lake, CA after jumping from a civilian aircraft. She was a test parachutist of the Navy assigned to China Lake. Her official title was Aircraft Survival Equipment Airman (PRAN) with pay grade E-3. Misty was born 22 December 1974 in Dallas, TX. She grew up in Texas where she attended elementary school in the Lake Travis and Blanco area. She moved to WI where she graduated in 1993 from Independence High School in Independence, WI as an honor student. She had been involved with sports and many other school activities throughout her school years. Misty enlisted in the Navy on 13 January 1998. She attended boot camp at the Naval Training Center in Great Lakes, IL and graduated as the Honor Recruit for Division 126. She was presented with the Lone Sailor statue. From Great Lakes she went to Pensacola, FL and began training at Parachute Rigger “A” School in April 1998 where she graduated as Honor Student. Next she attended EOD Parachute Rigging training at Ft Lee, VA. She was then selected for Test Parachutist Candidate. On 11 May 1998 she was designated as a Naval Test Parachutist, the eighth female to have ever achieved this accomplishment. In October 1998 Misty attended Basic Airborne Training School at Fort Benning, GA where she earned her Basic Parachutist Jump Wings. On 16 November 1998 she received her Goldwings designating her as a Navy/Marine Corps Parachutist. Her training included a 25,000 foot high altitude jump. She was then selected by NASA to test equipment fitted for female astronauts and participated in the NASA Space Shuttle Recovery Systems Surveillance Test Program in Houston, TX. Her dream was to enter the space program after her tour of duty in the Navy was complete. She became the eighth female to achieve designation as Naval Test Parachutist. A member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Misty was buried with full military honors. She is survived by her mother Nancy Wilcox of Tomah, WI; her father PJ Warren of Lapanto, AK; stepfather Joel Shaw; brother Cory Shaw; grandmother Jan Carter; and grandfather John Wilcox; as well as many other relatives and close friends. Read more about Misty Dawn Warren as well as other Native American women who served our country bravely.





4 Feb 97:

USN AW3 Wendy Lenora Potter, 24, of Oakdale, CA was lost at sea in the eastern Mediterranean along with three other sailors. Their S-38 Viking aircraft was assigned to Sea Control Squadron 22 onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) off the coast of Israel. The crew and aircraft was on an antisubmarine warfare training exercise about 90 miles west of Haifa when it disappeared from the ship’s radar. Search and Rescue units located some debris with the squadron markings. None of the sailors’ remains were ever recovered. Wendy is survived by her husband, AW3 Chad Potter.





13 May 91:

Three women died when their Army Bell UH-1H helicopter crashed into the mountains of Honduras while on a medical evacuation mission outside of Sota Cano Air Base near Comayagua. They all belonged to the 126th Medical Company Air Ambulance of the California National Guard headquartered in Sacramento. The crash occurred around the 3,000 foot level around 11:35 p.m. The 126th had been sent to Honduras 10 April 91 to aid in a humanitarian medical evacuation mission. An unidentified Army serviceman onboard was injured in the crash. Jim Blakeslee informed me of this incident.

CAARNG CPT Sashai Dawn (P), 34, of Sacramento, CA, pilot (pictured)







CAARNG 1LT Vicki L Boyd (P), 30, of Salinas, CA, co-pilot

CAARNG SSG Linda S Simonds, 34, of Sacramento, CA, medic





14 Dec 90:

MOARNG CWO2 Carol L McKinney, 36, a native of St Louis, MO died when a military UH-1 helicopter she was co-piloting crashed in fog near Cleveland, TX while enroute from Fort Leonard Wood, MO to Houston, TX for deployment for Operation Desert Shield-Desert Storm. Carol was a member of the 1267th Medical Company out of Jefferson City, MO. She was a graduate of Southwest High School and had worked for Southwestern Bell prior to being deployed with her unit. Carol had joined the Army National Guard in 1979, switched to the Army in 1983 to become a pilot and returned to the Guard in 1989. She is survived by her mother Erma McKinney.







14 Apr 88:

USN RM3 Angela S Santos, 21, from Ocala, FL died when the USO Club in Naples, Italy was bombed by a terrorist. Angela was a petty officer at the time of her death and was assigned as a Radioman to a Navy communications center in Naples. Four other sailors were wounded along with 10 civilians. Since Angela's death VFW Post 4781 in Ocala, FL has been named for her! I'd like to thank Fred O'Hern, Adjutant of Angela S Santos VFW Post 4781, for providing me with this painting from her family that was done of Angela!







19 Jan 87:

USA SPC Brenda Caprice Pott, 21, from Renton, WA committed suicide at Ft Carson, CO. She had enlisted right out of Hazen High School in 1984 and went to Ft Benning, GA for Basic Training. From there Brenda went to Ft Hood, TX for Military Police training. She was then assigned to Ft Carson, CO and had special duty in Germany and Honduras. It wasn't long after returning to Ft Carson that Brenda went home to visit her family and friends. Sometime after that she killed herself using her own MP pistol. Special thanks to Kris Setchfield for providing some of this information along with the photo--Brenda is on the left wearing the solid red shirt. She is survived by her parents Henry Pott and Patricia & Richard Holman, brothers Bradley Pott and Tim Holman and others. She is buried in Renton, WA.




12 Dec 85:

The following women were among 248 soldiers and the plane’s eight crew members who died while enroute from their six-month peacekeeping mission deployment in the Sinai. Most of the soldiers were from the 101st Airborne Division’s 3rd Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment. Their plane crashed shortly after taking off from a refueling stop in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada heading toward Ft Campbell, KY.

USA SP4 Virginia R Word

USA PV2 Vickie Perry

USA SP4 Christine McCleery, 21

USA SPC Cathleen Ziegler

CIVILIAN Stacy Cutler (Cutlar), Cabin Crew

CIVILIAN Maia Matasowski, Cabin Crew

CIVILIAN Desiree McKay, Cabin Crew

CIVILIAN Ruthie Phillips, Cabin Crew

CIVILIAN Jean Sarafin, Cabin Crew





5 Aug 84:

USN SN Pamela Cahanes, 25, from MN, was found murdered in Sanford, FL. She had just graduated from the Orlando Navy Training Center on 3 Aug 84. Pam’s body was found two days later in the front yard of someone's house but police believe she was killed elsewhere and then dumped on Riverview Avenue in Sanford. She had been seen at the Mariner’s Club on base and shopping at the Orlando Fashion Square Mall with an unknown man. Seminole County Sheriff’s Office has offered a $5000 reward for any info leading to the arrest of the person who killed her.  Pam is survived by her mother, sister Eileen Bergmann and other family members.







The following information about women who died during WW II was provided by William Beigel of Torrance, CA. Bill is a WW II researcher. These deaths have not yet been added into the totals at the top of this page.

10 Feb 45:

USN WAVE HA1 Marilyn E Weeks, from Culver City, CA died in the US Naval Hospital, Seattle, WA due to bacterial infection following dental work.

26 Aug 44:

USA WAC PVT Allene M Baker, from Huntington Park, CA committed suicide at Camp Patrick Henry, VA. She was in the 3rd WAC Company.

24 Apr 44:

USA ANC 2LT Thelma W Rounds, from Coronado, CA died after taking a "self-administered poison" while at the 1st General Hospital in London.

10 Apr 44:

USA AC PVT Byrl Babock, from Biggs, CA was in the 19th Company, 3rd Regiment, WAC, Fort Des Moines, IA. She was murdered by her husband Roy at the Kirkwood Hotel in Des Moines, he then killed himself.

21 Jan 44:

USA WAC PFC  Regina Barszcz, from Pittsfield, MA was assigned to the WAC Detachment in Buffalo, NY and died of disease at Ft Dix, NJ

9 Nov 43:

USA ANC 2LT Betty Ault, from Baltimore, MD was assigned to the 1852nd Unit Station Hospital at Fort Bliss, TX. She died in a traffic accident 4 miles west of Sierra Blanca, TX.

16 Jul 43:

USA WAAC PVT Angela Becker, from Mahnommen, MN was with the Cavalry Replacement Training Center, WAAC when she was killed in an accident when the truck she was driving collided with a civilian oil truck about 8 miles from Fort Riley, KS.



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